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ANOREXIA NERVOSA (“Relentless pursuit of thinness”)

ANOREXIA NERVOSA is a potentially life-threatening disorder characterized by extreme weight loss, intense fear of gaining weight, body image disturbances, strenous exercising and peculiar food-handling patterns. It can result in mortality rates of between 6-21%, 95% are females between 12 and mid-30’s. Usually, the onset of this eating disorder is associated with a stressful life events

Nursing Care

  • Promote improved nutrition
  • Administer tube or IV feedings
  • Weigh the client daily, record 1 and 0, and observe him/her during meals and bathroom activities
  • Avoid discussing food, recipes, restaurants and eating
  • Provide a pleasant mealtime environment and adop realistic expectations of how much the client will eat
  • Frequent, small meals are more acceptable
  • Set a time limit of about half an hour
  • Collaborate with a dietitian
  • Acknowledge and recognize the efforts of a client who meets weight gain goal
  • Behavior modification can help
  • Promote effective individual coping
  • Involve the client in his/her own treatment planning
  • Give client the opportunity to practice problem-solving
  • Explore the client’s feedlings about their families, their roles and autonomy within the family system
  • Promote an improved perception of body image
  • Help the client improve his/her self esteem

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