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Pinoy Nurses Avoid Middle East Due To Security Concerns

Some 5,000 nurses are needed in the Middle East, but only a few from the Philippines are interested in the job openings even if many nurses in the country are unemployed, according to a government official.

Ofelia Domingo, assistant director of the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) in Southern Mindanao, said on Monday that concerns about security has been deterring Filipino nurses about getting jobs in the Middle East.

The common perception among Filipino nurses is that going to the Middle East is not safe. They are afraid

Domingo said a large number of Filipino nurses would rather go to the United States, Canada and non-Middle East countries.

But she said strict regulations in other countries resulted in only a small number being accepted in health-related jobs there.

According to Domingo

Jobs in the US and other countries are only for qualified nurses

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