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Nursing Board Takers Readies for Upcoming Licensure Exam

Thousands of nursing graduates will take another step in obtaining their dreams to fully become a certified nurse as they take the year’s end licensure examination for nurses.

The schedule for the licensure examination for nurses is on November 29 to 30 2009 in Manila and all regional offices across the Philippines.

The Philippine Regulation Commission is now fully prepared for the upcoming examination to be held in different elementary and secondary schools in the country.

Board takers are asked to be prepared as this early to avoid cramming and last minute preparation. Here are some tips that would help you avoid stress before and on your examination date:

* Make sure that you know the exact location of your designated place of examination to avoid getting lost.
* Make sure that you know your schedule.
* Have time to relax. As much as possible, give yourself a time to refresh your mind.
* Reviewing the day or night before the exam won’t help; it would just rattle you and stress you out. Review your materials or manuals early to help you get the relaxation that you need.
* Prepare the things that you need ahead of time. Make sure that you bring your pen, 2 pieces of number 2 pencils, a piece of paper, your school ID and the documents that you need to present to the proctor.
* Prepare your clothes ahead of time. Ask your school on what proper clothes to wear. Some school would suggest wearing school uniforms so make sure that you washed and iron your clothes ahead of time.
* Have a long peaceful sleep. Pardon yourself from partying or texting the night before your examination date, instead sleep early to give you fresh mind and positive energy.

Lack of preparation is one of the factors why some examiners failed due to time cracking and stress.

Last June 2009, 77,901 nursing graduates took the licensure examination. However, only 32,617 passed to get a professional license from the PRC.

The PRC is hoping that the number of passers would increase as nursing students nowadays were given a more comprehensive review sessions and materials.

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