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More want to be doctors as global demand for nurses declines

Amid the decline in the global demand for Filipino nurses, more graduates of science-related courses are now pursuing a degree in medicine, the Board of Medicine said over the weekend.

Board of Medicine member Jose Cueto said the lessening of employment opportunities for nurses abroad seems to have contributed to the increase in National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) examinees.

The NMT is a requirement for undergraduates seeking a degree in medicine.

Six years ago when there was a high demand for nurses abroad, the Board of Medicine noted a sharp decline in medicine students.

During the time when nursing was at the top on the list of (preferred courses by) students, there was a sharp decline on the number of students taking the National Medical Admission Test

However, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) noted a reduction in the demand of nurses abroad.

Based on recent statistics from the POEA , the number of professional nurses deployed to other countries only increased by 6.71% from 12,618 to 13, 465 in 2009; as compared to the rate in 2008 when migrant nurses rose by 40.13% from 9,004 to 12,618.

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