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Hong Kong — Nurses may be hired from the Philippines

Territory losing 800 government nurses each year to private sector and overseas

The Hospital Authority, which is suffering from a serious shortage of nurses, is prepared to hire those in the Philippines. It will also consider former Filipino nurses now working as domestic helpers in Hong Kong if they meet the qualifications.

There is a global shortage of nurses and the authority, which has 20,000 nurses, is losing about 800 a year to the private sector and overseas.

The authority wants to recruit at least 1,300 nurses in this financial year but expects fewer than 1,200 posts will be filled. It is setting up a high-level task force to find ways to plug the brain drain and one solution is to recruit from the Philippines.

According to Joseph Lee Kok-long, the chairman of the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff

Whatever nationality you may be, you are all welcome to sit for the Nursing Council of Hong Kong’s practising certificate. It’s open to everyone

Nurses from overseas must pass a test certified by the council before they can be accepted as a registered nurse in the city. The test is in two parts–one written and one practical. It can be done in English.

The applicants must also have recognised qualifications from their home countries before they take the test. They will then undergo interviews to assess their suitability, experience, knowledge and skills, an authority spokesman said.

Many former Filipino nurses are already working in Hong Kong as domestic helpers. Some are working essentially as carers for the elderly in the families.

The language problem is an obvious stumbling block. The authority said that as patients in public hospitals are predominantly Cantonese speakers, knowledge of the dialect would be a preferred attribute in the selection process.

“One obvious criteria is that nurses speak Cantonese,” Lee said.

Many former Filipino nurses have learned Cantonese while working as domestic helpers. One, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that because she was classified as a domestic helper, she had not applied to work as a nurse.

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  1. 10/04/22

    Shortage of nurses is one of the worldwide problem nowadays. It’s not just Hong Kong that has the problem regarding this but even America. And lately America faces shortage of doctors which is said to be the effect of health care reform. Due to this US nurses were given roles of doctors. There are 28 states that will let their nurses act like doctors.

  2. 10/06/16

    I just want to inquire were can apply nursing job for hongkong from philippines and were to take their licensure exam because i’m interested to work as a nurse in hongkong… Any info is highly apprecited. Thanks you so much.

  3. fyodor Reply

    how can i apply for this? thanks

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    i am very much interested to work as a nurse in Hongkong..i hope u can give more info..thanks

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    I am interested in the said opportunity.please send me all the details regarding this one,,pls thank you!

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    I would be very happy to work in Hongkong as professional nurse and share my dedication and hard work for the success of the institution i’ll be working with.

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