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Court of Appeals Upholds PRC decision on June 2006 Nursing Board Exam Leakage Scandal

The Court of Appeals has upheld the decision of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to revoke the license of Virginia Madeja, a former BoN member and examiner in the June 2006 nursing licensure exam.

The 17-page decision promulgated on January 21 was written by Associate Justice Jose Reyes Jr. and concurred in by Associate Justices Apolinario Bruselas Jr. and Ricardo Rosario of the Court of Appeals Special Fourteenth Division.
According to the Court, the June 2006 NLE leakage scandal did not only impose undue burden on the affected examinees who had to take the exams again but also “tainted the integrity and cast doubt on the fitness and competency of the entire Philippine nursing industry, which for years has sought to prove to the world that our country can produce competent, reliable and trustworthy health care professionals.

Virginia Madeja and another former BoN Member Anesia Dionisio were found guilty of neglect of duty that gave rise to the leakage of test questions to some examinees.

According to the PRC fact-finding committee, they discovered that the leakage came in the form of handwritten and computer-printed notes which were distributed a day before the exams to certain examinees in Baguio City.

It was also learned that copies of leakage notes were also distributed in some examinees from Manila two days prior to the exams.

The PRC observed that 56 situations in the leakage notes from Madeja’s test questions manuscript landed in the hands of examinees before the exams.

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