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CHED to ‘failing’ Nursing Schools : Shape Up or Close Shop

The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) warned nursing schools with dismal board examination passing rates to shape up within the next three years or close shop.

CHEd Executive Director Julito Vitriolo said on Tuesday that “more than 100 nursing schools” around the country would be closed by 2013 if their average board exam passing rate for the next three years remained below 30 percent, the minimum set by CHEd Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 14 Series of 2009.

Vitriolo said in an interview

Starting this school year, we will be monitoring them and if their passing rate remains below 30 percent by 2013, then their nursing program will be phased out. We will implement the closure by 2013, based on CMO 14. We are already monitoring 16 government schools that offer nursing but are not performing well. The private schools will follow

CHEd on Monday said around 55 percent of nursing schools in the country—253 out of 464 nursing schools—had a passing grade that fell short of the 40.70 percent national passing average. This figure was based on the licensure examinations the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) supervised in June and November 2009.

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  1. orpha mae Reply

    could please give me a link or send me an e.mail, for the list of 80 non-compliant nursing school here in the Philippines especially here in Bohol..thanks in advance

  2. keith john noris Reply

    As my wife and I live in the Philippines and Australia we agree with the student body wanting CHED to do something about nursing schools operating below par. As we have endured 5 years of incompetence at Urios in Butuan city our daughter has at last graduated. The lack of consideration for students and parents at Urios is very poor. They have to many nursing students and training at the local hospitals is very bad. Students have to be sent to out of area hospital so that requirements can be met. we feel that its about time that something was done as we and other parents were amazed that Urios could not even get a 50% pass rate for the class. Comeon Urios stop thinking about money and think of your students and the parents who pay the fee’s

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