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RNs for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Posted on February 8, 2015 | 1 Comment on RNs for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Company: Petra City Overseas

Qualifications : * Must have passed the CGFNS or NCLEX examination * Must have passed the local board examination * Must have at least one year of hospital experience * Female Duties and Responsibilities * Set up the health room. * Check health supplies from previous summer. Determine what additional supplies, drugs, and equipment will be needed. * Obtain supplies and pharmaceuticals. Save receipts for reimbursement. * Make presentation to counseling and teaching staff on the health program and basic first aid and safety. * Review all health forms prior to student registration. Make note of students with potential health problems, students taking medications, students whose forms are incomplete (especially those lacking signatures for permission to treat), and students whose health forms have not yet been received. * As each student registers, attend to any of the problems stated above. Discuss special health concerns with parents; determine if parents give permission for their child to keep and administer his/her own medication; see that each student has a completed health form before the parent leaves. * Make presentation to the entire camp at each session’s Opening Ceremonies on basic first aid and safety. * After registration, compile a list of health concerns and relevant information regarding students. Copies are made for teaching, counseling, administrative, and recreation staff, for the health room, program files, and first aid kit. Copies are distributed Monday afternoon through the staff mail boxes. * Make a written summary of presenting health concerns, health problems requiring medical care or consultation, and health room use patterns to be included in the Nurse Manual. * Itemize carryover health room pharmaceuticals and supplies. Make a records of drugs and supplies to be reordered the following summer. * Pack and store health room pharmaceuticals and supplies. Discard outdated drugs. * Write letters thanking any additional medical service providers

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