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PAL Airline Nurse Hiring

Posted on December 18, 2012 | 10 Comments on PAL Airline Nurse Hiring

Philippine Airline (PAL) is now hiring nurses for their domestic and International flights. Being nurse in a plane takes a lot of extensive training and practice as a nurse in general. Nurse on land and in air have a lot of differences. Licensed nurses on land base depend on what department they assigned, and from there, they are responsible for what task they given for that particular assignment. They have to know what particular expertise they have to do for a particular task they are facing. Not saying that should focus on one task alone, being nurse in a hospital is not as difficult compare when in the air.

In land nurse, many of the nurses are working together for an emergency situation, unlike in a plane, two or more nurses are on duty together with the medical team like a Doctor. All the works especially in the plane when there’s an emergency situation are all attended by a single nurse, lucky enough if they were two. But, as a nurse in an International Airline like PAL is a very rewarding and enjoyable job. Not everyday has an emergency situation in the plane, most of their time are just monitoring on their passengers, checking on their situations, attending some minor issues, or health issues and the like.

Being a nurse in a plane is an enjoyable journey, imagine the nurses have to travel from different country, places and will meet a lot of different people in their occupation. They don’t just work to earn money; they also have the chance to travel different places. Many graduated nursing students especially the board passers are all keen in looking for a job in an International Airline like PAL. All the benefits and perks as an employee in this prestigious company is an advantage. Salaries and commissions as an employee of PAL are satisfying. Being able to land a job in PAL airline as mentioned is very difficult, many examinations, interviews regarding the job applying for is not as easy as any works hoping for. Being a nurse in an airline company must have the qualification of being graduated in a four year course and pass the Board Examination given by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC). From then must have a working experience as nurse either from hospital or a clinic, must pass all the necessary requirements like trainings, as a nurse attendant, oral and written communications regarding the finished course and others. These and more lectures, seminars and others are required before anyone who is interested in applying as a PAL airline nurse must have.

To visit their office and apply as a PAL airline nurse can go to Human Resources Department at the 2nd floor of PNB Financial Center CCP Complex President Diosdado Macapagal Avenue Pasay City Philippines. Can contact their numbers at trunkline (632) 7774800 with local numbers at 5448 up to 54, telefax at (632) 556 1904.

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  1. Sarah Reply

    is there height requirement for PAL nurse job?

  2. Hector Marzan Reply

    Hello,i must say you have a helpful website.Indeed a very good information for all the nurses interested.I only have 1 question to ask.
    Is this PAL Nurse hiring applicable only who are base in the phils.or all filipino nurses internationally?

  3. JapsRN Reply

    Hi! I just wonder if this job vacancy is still open? Also, where is that PNB building located – is that the one near NAIA or the one alongside DFA? Thanks ahead!

  4. garee Reply

    I would like to ask if PAL is still hiring nurses as an airline nurse. I am 22 years old with working experience as a community nurse for 6 months and in the hospital as a critical care nurse for 3 months. I am previlage to undergone training and examination. This is my contact number 09052111320. Thank you.

  5. Mark Denver B. Matabang Reply

    is PAL nurse job is stil open?

  6. Angelique Reply

    Good day , i am a registered nurse with 2 yrs experience in a tertiary hospital in the phil and 2 yrs experince in clinicial area abroad.. Are you still available for this position? Please acknowledge. I am very interested with this job

  7. Maria Jesilyn Racelis Reply

    Hi this is Maria Jesilyn V. Racelis, registered Nurse with extensive training in pulmonary nursing, basic life support . I would like to know if the vacancy for airline nurses still open. I am very much interested working in one of the prestigious airline in the Philippines like PAL.

    Thank you.

  8. cee Reply

    Hi. Is the job still available?

  9. 13/09/16

    I just want to ask if the position is still open?

  10. alyanna Reply

    good day!

    I am a nurse and wanna ask if PAL still hiring airline nurse? Please let me know. t

    Thank you!!

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