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RNs for Australia!

Posted on February 24, 2014 | No Comments on RNs for Australia!

Company: Nursing Agency Australia

Australia is a country brimful with a wide variety of nursing opportunities. As one of the country’s leading placement agencies, NAA offers a range of work assignments in speciality areas throughout Australia. Nurses on NAA’s books can choose to work in major teaching hospitals, leading private hospitals, mental health establishments, and aged and extended care facilities. As for location, NAA is committed to finding work for its nurses where they want it – be it in the capital cities, in the country towns or in the most far-flung remote and rural settlements. Should you be considering working as a nurse or care worker in Australia, get in touch with NAA at: Nursing Agency Australia 250 Glen Osmond Road Eastwood South Australia Australia 5063 Email: admin@nursingagency.com.au From Outside Australia Telephone: (+61) 8 8338 1000 Facsimile: (+61) 8 8338 3003 In Australia Toll Free Telephone: 1300 300 522 Facsimile: 1300 760 056 In UK, US, Ireland, and South Africa (Local call cost only) Phone: 00 800 0030 0522

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