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How to Write a Good Nursing Resume

Your resume is the first thing that a potential employer will know you existed. Thus, it is the first step to finding your dream job. Most applicants consider their resume as a mere document that contains a summary of information about a person. However for the smart applicant, it is a document that will allow one to be noticed by an employer and stand out above the rest of the applicants. A winning resume will not only allow one to get employed, it can also help command a better salary, facilitate promotion and make oneself in demand.

A good nursing resume should only include the most relevant information about the person that has a bearing to one’s application. In the case of a nurse, birth and marital status are important. A contact number and address also serves an apparent necessity. In providing one’s educational and professional background, it is important to highlight qualities, trainings, learnings and job tasks which are directly relevant to one’s profession.

For instance, one’s thesis can initially show one’s area of expertise and excellence. Awards and distinction provides testament of one’s excellence in the study and profession. However, one’s nomination to a beauty contest, one’s victory to a local singing contest or one’s participation in dance contest in TV variety show obviously has no direct relevance or bearing to the profession you are applying for. These should be omitted to one’s resume unless you are applying for a beauty pageant or a singing or dancing contest. These feats however could be relayed during the interview to show one’s versatile interests.

The most important part of the resume is one’s professional experience. For newly graduates, one can instead highlight on one’s clinical placements and practicum in which the nursing skills you developed and experience should be given emphasis. It doesn’t matter if one is paid or not for these services, what is important is the learning and experience that one acquired in the work. In some instances, there are jobs which may not be nursing related. One can also opt to include them as part of one’s professional experience by highlighting skills, values and roles that are universally applicable or transferrable to any profession. For instance, communication skills and interpersonal skills are valuable skills that can be related to the nursing profession.

More than just providing information about oneself, a good resume should help one stand out. This can be done through the design, structure and the formatting of text contents of one’s resume, the quality of paper used and the like. Some applicants go the extent of using a different color of the resume, which however is vulnerable to losing a sense of professionalism or formality. The use of proper formatting, fonts and colors could be sufficient. More importantly, the resume should be printed in quality. Finally, it would also be worthwhile to include one’s photo picture in a formal attire in the resume. Because of the pile of resumes in the HR desk, a beautiful photo of yours can be the first step to get attention.

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