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Hotel Nurse Hiring

Posted on May 20, 2015 | 1 Comment on Hotel Nurse Hiring

A hotel nurse is essentially a nurse who works in a hotel instead of a hospital. Apparently healthcare service is a necessary service that should be immediately available everywhere because of the urgency of its service during emergency situations. Moreover, the existence of healthcare service within a hotel is also a come on marketing strategy for the hospital industry in improving their services to their guests.

Unlike a hospital nurse who are regularly working providing healthcare services to patients. Hotel nurses do not actually provide direct healthcare nursing services on a daily basis. Instead, hotel nurses are primarily working as standby healthcare providers incase of any health emergencies inside the hotel premises whether it involves a staff or a guest.

On a daily basis, a hotel nurse however works mainly as a health counselor and guidance providing advise to staff and guests who need their services. The attend to staff and guests who are sick while in the hotel clinic. If warranted, home visitation of sick employees may be done. As a healthcare expert, the hotel nurse also helps in screening new employees who are just admitted for any communicable diseases. And most of all, the hotel nurse provides the initial health first aid incase of emergency, provide assessment of patient condition, administer appropriate medications, conduct SOPs in healthcare services such as taking temperatures, blood pressures, the cleaning and dressing wounds, among many others. Finally, the hotel nurse coordinates with proper hospital with regards to a health record or background of any employee or guest.

A hotel nurse must be a registered nurse and preferably has at least 2 years of related clinical experience. One should also be customer oriented because one is working in a hospitality industry.

Vacancies for hotel nurses are usually available abroad especially in countries where the hotel industry is highly competitive such as in Dubai, UAE, Macao, and Singapore.

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    I’d like to inquire, where can I apply for the Hotel Nurse slot? I wonder if I can apply having One year experience in a Five Star Hotel instead of a Clinical experience?

    I would gladly appreciate your reply.
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