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Hospice Nurse

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A hospice nurse is a kind of care and values of care that gives extra attention on the palliation of a terminally ill patient’s symptom. These symptoms can be diagnosed true physical, emotional, spiritual or sometimes social in nature. The idea of a hospice has been surfacing since the 11th century. From then on hospices were places of hospitality for the sick which needed some extra attention, wounded that needs to be treated immediately, for the dying as well as for the travelers and pilgrims.

In today’s modern perception of hospice includes palliative care for the incurably ill given in such institutions as hospitals or the nursing homes. Meaning of a nursing home is that a home that is normally the highest level of care for older people outside of a hospital. They provide what is called the custodial care for the patients. They look for them 24 hours a day. Others also provided to those who would rather die in their own homes.

The hospice nurse can execute many traditional nursing duties such as observing, meaning the patients conditions can monitored by means of looking at him/her and can find already what needs to be done and what attention should be given on him/her. Assessing, after the observation assessment on the patients conditions must be attend to on what medical assistance should be needed. Recording the symptoms of the patients, what particular behavior they posses and what kind of medical attention they needs. All this observation, assessments and others they will come up with a closely meeting from the physicians, administration f the hospitals, medications and they will provide the emotional support which is very important from the patients. Because there are times that they just needed some attention from their families, and the only reason for them is to bring out what is their deepest emotional feelings so that they will lessen their pain or agony in the situation.

Hospice nurses have the most difficult jobs, because they deal with the terminally ill patients. They know the patients are dying. The medications that the hospice nurse administer the symptoms and then they recorded it, they know that they are not giving the patients the medical cure or to aid the patients somewhat they make it a point that their remaining days as comfortable as possible. Most of their attention on the patients is to give them the advice, to accept the situation and by means of these they lessen the pain they are experiencing. Being a hospice nurse needs a lot of extraordinary temperament, meaning dealing with dying patients entails a lot of guts. They need great caring, patience, and resolve. Not all nurses can handle such situations as this that is why being a hospice nurse requires a lot of unique assembly of character trait, talents, and patience.

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