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Best Paying Nursing Jobs

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It is common knowledge that the compensation at work is one of the greatest motivator for a person to work harder.  Better pay equals better financial independence and better ability to support and sustain one’s needs and that of one’s families.  Thus, it is but natural for nurses to opt to start their careers in positions that promise a bigger pay for them in the future.  Following are the best paying jobs in the nursing profession.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Nurses are often undermined as assistants of doctors despite the crucial role they play in healthcare.  In most cases, it is the doctors who reap the financial benefits and rewards of the healthcare profession.  In lieu of which, a nurse has to specialized on a certain hospital service in order to reap greater pay.  A profitable option is being a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). This nurse is primarily responsible for facilitating anesthesia in surgery. To become a CRNA however, entails further graduate studies, training and specialization.  This would basically mean further schooling and investing money in education.

Nurse practitioner.  Another lucrative option to earn better is becoming a nurse practitioner.  A nurse practitioner (NP) is essentially a nurse who may conduct regular medical procedures under the supervision of a licensed physician.  The NP basically works as a doctor except that one is a nurse that’s why one is giving higher salaries compared to ordinary nurses.

School principals and deans.  These are nurses who pursued or specialized in nurse training and education.  They are usually nurses who are in the academe rather than in a hospital institution.  They are paid higher because these professions pertain to management positions in an academic institution. Similarly, one needs to undergo training or earn a masters or doctorate degree in order to qualify as a nursing dean.  This is required apart from one’s practical experience as a nurse and extensive experience as a nursing teacher.  In some instances,  nurses who earned masters or doctorate degrees known as clinical nurse specialists, do not necessarily end up as academic officers but have devoted their time for critical researches.  This too is a lucrative career because it is involved with the discovery of new knowledge.

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