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Apply as Japanese Nurse

Posted on April 11, 2013 | No Comments on Apply as Japanese Nurse

One of the biggest problems of Japan is its aging population. A great percentage of its population is over 60 years old. Because of this, healthcare is major concern among the Japanese. And they are indeed in need of healthcare workers from caregivers and nurses. That’s a very great news especially for the Philippines which has a great supply of healthcare workers which can address the inadequacy in Japan. Despite this, why is it difficult to enter Japan and apply as a Japanese nurse.

To apply as a Japanese nurse, one needs to pass their national nursing exam. This nursing exam is basically healthcare in Japanese. For Filipino nurses, it’s basically a Japanese language test. The exam is written in Japanese and even if it is written in the normal alphabet, the exam is in Japanese. In short, the exam is more or less a Japanese language test for an ordinary Filipino nurse.

In order to pass the test, a potential applicant needs to know how to read, speak and write Japanese. And believe me, that takes a lot of effort to learn. There are however schools that provide Nihonggo lessons but this Nihonggo language tutorials are basically language learning. They hardly cover learning medical vernacular. The need to speak, read and write in Japanese is apparently a necessity because the nurses would need to communicate with doctors, patients, visitors, co health workers and other personnel in Japanese. Without learning to speak Japanese, doctors and patients would not understand the Filipino nurse or the Filipino nurse would not understand the Japanese doctor and patient. Language basically is the greatest barrier for many Filipino nurses to frustrated in working in Japan as a nurse.

For those who have a Japanese language background and would still want to apply as a nurse in Japan, the best way is through the program offered by the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). At the very least, some of the instructions here that one needs to do is written in English but similarly, one needs to take the rigid nursing test in Japanese language, in which very few have succeeded to pass.

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