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Dipolog Business Process Outsourcing

Dipolog Business Process Outsourcing Company (DBPO) is a Philippine based company dedicated to provide outsourcing services. The DBPO-MT division offers transcription services at a very competitive price using state of the art technology and employing capable and efficient Medical Transcriptionists. The company is located at the heart of the Orchid City of Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines. This company is empowered by the enthusiastic, loving, honest and talented people from the area. Graduates from local schools are constantly pooled for endless supply of skills and talents as well as provide them with means of livelihood and business. ADVANCE TECHNOLOGICAL Capabilities: – DBPO is using the latest technology in the market. – Internet connection is load balanced between high-speed DSL and WI-Fi for optimum performance. – Standby generator is available 24/7 to provide power and minimize interruption. – Security systems like user password, biometrics, RF ID systems, 24/7 video surveillance for maximum security and efficient service, all of which are highly maintained for HIPAA compliance. – Clients are assured of their privacy and confidentiality. – State-of-the-art digital transcription. – Secure FTP site for file transfers. – Documents created in client’s custom formats, precisely to client’s specifications
Location: Dipolog Business Process Outsourcing AMC Bldg., Malvar Street Dipolog City, Philippines , 7100 Phone: Ch.Il.(VOIP) 17083232627 Phone: (065) 800-0021 SKYPE: techsupportdbpo Fax: (e-fax) 18662715967 Ph. (065) 800-0021

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