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How to get NCNZ Approval Letter

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The NCNZ or the Nursing Council of New Zealand approval letter is a must for the people who wanted to work and stay in New Zealand. The NCNZ approval letter is a tool kit that must be presented for every Health District Boards (DHB’s). The purpose of this kit is to have an authorization process for the nurse to enter into practice the expansion programmed that was practice in their country. A nurse board passer or simply a nurse in their respective country cannot work anytime they want to New Zealand. They need to have an approval letter coming from the Government of New Zealand. Working as a nurse in their country means that they actually endorse by the government of New Zealand and must be authenticated in order for them to work without worries.

Having to get or received a NCNZ approval letter individual has to take many considerations on their part, there are two important papers to pass in processing the approval letter. The first is the NCNZ standards for nurse entry practice expansion program or the (NETP). This must be passed by the applicant with detailed information, carefully study the information so that it won’t return by the council for them to cancel or ignore the applications. By the way, the application is available and will then approve by the council in New Zealand if it declares with correctness and accuracy on the applicant. Secondly, is the Clinical Training Agency Specifications for nursing entry to practice (NETP), expansion programmed, this special tool kit is created merely around two documents, the approval and audit process that needs DHB’s to legalize the processing and systems.

If these two important documents passed the New Zealand Government, applying for an approval Letter is the next step, there are steps in claiming an approval letter, email an expression of interest in the NCNZ office, next, after writing a comprehensive letter to the new Zealand Government specifically the NCNZ, a formal request program approval that contains the letter of the papers and information are provided. The important papers must pass the essential papers namely the two copies of the program learning framework and the student handbook. The documents must carefully studied by the applicant in order for them to acquaint with the laws and policies of the New Zealand Government.

Next is the Self Assessment against the NCNZ approval tool Standards for nursing entry in order for them to practice expansions programed and CTA specifications as an assessment timetable. After all the paper works and required important materials have been submitted these includes the brochures, programs, kit and other supplements, and information has been delivered, the applicant will be given a 10 day period for the application to have time to study and review by the NCNZ.

After the long waiting of the applicant he/she will received a letter coming from the NCNZ if he she qualified to work in New Zealand.

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