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Global Caratas Consulting (GCC) Firm is a premium management consulting firm based in the Philippines which has become the preferred and advisor to the country’s leading businesses companies, BPO companies as well as government agencies and institutions.

Global Caratas Consulting Firm has the ability work with its clients on their most difficult and challenging problems. The company possess in depth industry and operational expertise which it has gained for years of being in the business and by having the most brilliant minds in the industry. Global Caratas invest a large amount of time and effort in growing and updating its knowledge base to delivery distinct and deep perspectives and insights to individual clients.

Global Caratas Consulting Firm applies its understanding and knowledge of the market and industry forces to create short to long-term planning solutions. It assembles the most foremost business intellectuals to discuss the most pressing issues, and publish its insights in journals. It utilizes intellectual, financial and its summoning power to assist in meeting the most common, pressing and one of a kind problem that companies face.

Global Caratas Consulting Firm draws on its functional and industry proficiency and experience to promote organizations in search of facing their toughest societal challenges. Every year, the company provides help to many non profit foundations and corporations on their facilitating their corporate social responsibility by addressing societal ills such as illiteracy, poverty, and climate change. The firm also contributes in advancing knowledge by conducting research by its consultants in think tank institutes.

Among the services provided by Global Caratas Consulting Firm included strategic planning, private equity investment, organization and organizational restructuring, information technology integration, corporate renewal, performance enhancement, Customer Strategy & Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions and Results Delivery.

Global Caratas Consulting (GCC) Firm is located at 37 Rufino Towers, VA Rufino Street, Makati City, Philippines. I can be contacted at telephone nos. 02-552 3780.

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