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Experience Living in the United Kingdom

.. and witness the 2012 London Olympics

The Queen’s Global Consultancy
Assistance Services Inc.

Nurses, Caregivers, Medtechs, Midwives, HRM, Teachers, ITs and other Paramedical / Business Courses

– Licensed / Underboard
– Graduate / Undergraduate
– NO IELTS required
– NO Work Experience Needed

** Easy Installment Plan
** Sponsor Available
**( Bring your family to the UK

Send name, background and location to
ABBEY = 0928 9750754

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  1. zhen Reply

    hello,good day! i am a registered nurse,without working experienced,and i am interested you agency about living in UK.please email me the information that i need to know.Thanks!


  2. Daniel Reply

    Hlo, I am a RN 45yo and is interesred in your progam Pls send me the details

  3. michelle Reply

    Hi. I’m interested in your program pls send me the details? thanks.

  4. 10/02/12

    I am interested in your program as well please email me the details. I have no experience yet but I’m a licensed nurse. Please email me asap.

  5. Ann Reply

    Hi! Im interested with it can i have details? Im a licensed nurse but no work experience yet. Thanks!

  6. grace Reply

    hi.der…im also interested with your agency..pls send me the details that i need to know…im a registered nurse and without experience yet…i’ll wait for your response asap…thanks!!!!!

  7. aimee Reply

    Hi. i am a registere nurse and I’m interested in your program pls send me the details? thanks. i just have a 7 mons volunteer nurse experienced in a provincial hosp. please email me asap!

  8. alvin Reply

    hi.. im a rn with 1 yr experience. please send me the details. thanks

  9. christine Reply

    hello, im christine 23, registered nurse here in batangas city. I have more than 2 years of experience..And im willing to apply as a nurse.. could you please send me some details??? thank you..

  10. praveena Reply

    hi i am praveena i have already lined in uk for one year 3 months and worked as a carer i like this oppurtunity and i need the the details so please help me and i am very much interested in this field so thank you please forward me the details.

  11. lena Reply

    hi! i’m a registered nurse and i have been volunteering for 2 months now, please email me the details on how to apply for the said program. thank you and hoping for your reply.

  12. John Lloyd Reply

    hi good day!

    Peace Be With You!!

    im john,21 years of age,a registered nurse,with training and volunteer experience in a tertiary hospital within less than a year..and im interested to work in the United Kingdom.

    could you please send me some details in my email on how could you help me get there and work?

    I’m hoping for your response and thank you for your time.

  13. Patrick Diuco Reply

    good day,, is this ad still valid.. i’ll wait for your response,, i’m a registered nurse here in the philippines and has no work experience yet,, your response to my message would be much appreciated.. thank you

  14. ryan Reply

    hi good day im a registered nurse batch 2010 i’d like to avail the offer can you please send some informations/details needed ..thank you hoping for your positive response =)

  15. Terri Reply

    Hi good day, I’m a registered nurse and am very much interested with your offer. please send me some infos as well. Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon.

  16. nhell Reply

    hi, good day.. I’m a registered nurse with almost a year of hospital experience.. I’m interested to the work offered if it still available.. Please email some of info/details needed.. thank you and hoping for your response

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