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Conrad Campos, 3C Systems Founder and CEO, a Canadian-Filipino is a proud member of Canadian Society Of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) authorized to represent any applicants who wants to migrate in Canada. Conrad Campos established 3C Systems in 1997. 3C Systems has specialized in Canadian immigration exclusively since that time. 3C Systems (3CS) has been in the Canadian Immigration Industry for many years now continuously helping hundreds of aspiring immigrants and worker to Canada. Applicants should not assume that all individuals who make claims of expertise are qualified, or even allowed under Canadian Law. Applicants should be very careful in assuring themselves as to the qualifications of those representing them in their application.
Location: CANADA (For Immigrant and Caregiver Applicants) 3C Systems, Canadian Immigration Specialist 37-165 Fieldstone Drive, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9M1 e-mail: canada@3cs.ca Office Tel: (905) 851-7772 Fax: (905) 856-5670 PHILIPPINES (For Immigrant Applicants Only) LAS PIÑAS 3C Systems Canadian Immigration Specialist 24-01 URCI Commercial Complex, Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona, Las Piñas City Office: (632) 874-0733 Mobile: 0928-4131330 Fax: (632) 872-0923 Email: info@3cs.ca PASIG 3C Migration Professionals Ground Floor RIMA Building, 161 Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City 1600 Philippines Telephone : (02) 672-0379 & (02) 671-2679 Fax : (02) 671-5590 Email: jpalma@3cs.ca CEBU Room 201, Florem Building, A.C. Cortes,, Mandaue City Cebu Telephone: 345-3152

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