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Unihealth Paranaque Hospital

Posted on October 18, 2012 | 5 Comments on Unihealth Paranaque Hospital

The Unihealth-Parañaque Hospital & Medical Center is an envisioned 10-storey tertiary hospital with total bed capacity of 100 to be located in a 10,000 sqm. lot at Dr Santos Ave. (Sucat Road) Paranaque City, Metro Manila. The hospital will be serving residents within the vicinity of Sucat and its neighboring areas as well as customers from industrial factories and other companies located at the south of Metro Manila. The hospital aims of providing the best and comprehensive quality healthcare to the citizens of Paranaque at the most reasonable and cost-effective rates to ensure universal accessibility of healthcare for the greater populace.

As a tertiary hospital and medical center, Unihealth Paranaque Hospital is envisioned to offer a broad array of health and medical services such as physical therapy for people with a complex physical disability, Hemophilia, Spinal, Burns. And Cystic Fibrosis care, EENT, Clinical immunology, Complex rehabilitation services, Neurosciences, Renal services, Cardiology and Cardiac services, Hematology, hepatobiliary and pancreatic services, Rheumatology and Dermatology among others. The hospital will be equipped with the latest and most advanced medical equipment to ensure the best services are delivered. It will also hire the most proficient medical personnel including nurses who will undergo rigid training to attain the highest level of customer and health care.

At the moment, UPHMC is currently under construction and is open for public investment open to medical practitioners, healthcare investors, medical students undergoing residency training and all other private individuals. Aside from providing an investment opportunity for one’s future, Unihealth Paranaque Hospital also provides incentives and benefits to stockholders, which in turn serves as their healthcare investment for their whole family. Chief of them included free lodging and accommodation, discounts in diagnostic tests and services in the hospital such as X-rays, CT scan, Ultrasonography, Mammography, 2D/3D Echocardiography, ECG, Treadmill, Laboratory procedures, etc; discounts in pharmaceutical supplies and medicines, and free or discounted professional consultation on certain services (Endodontic, Surgery and Bleaching). The privileges and benefits extend to the investor’s spouse, parents and children subject to hospital provisions and policies.

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  1. 12/10/23

    hy i need job in riyadh right now al hasa i have 9y exeperence

  2. gregoria cue Reply

    25 years in Armed Forces hospital, Khamis, Kingdomof Saudi Arabia.

  3. Joan Doldolea Reply

    I am working in an office and still looking for a job as a nurse. I still have no experience as a nurse but still willing to be trained.

  4. Maica Reply

    i want to apply for unihealth paranaque, taga las piñas po kase ko, and im very near that place. thanks. nurse po ako from st lukes

  5. DAVID G. R OMAN JR. Reply

    i would like to know about the investment option in Uni-Health Paranaque. My famly live in Sucat, San Antonio Valley 6, Paranaque City.

    Please send me a brouchure with all the information regarding the investment in Uni-Health Paranaque…I just bought a share in Paranaque Doctors Hospital last month…

    Regards and cheers !


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