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For more than thirty years, The Medical City has provided topnotch health care services to Filipinos, recognizing that the health and well being of every individual ultimately contributes to national development. With the opening of its new home in the heartof Ortigas Center , The Medical City is well-positioned to pursue its goal of leadership in the national and international health landscape. The Medical city Towards service & leadership The Medical City (TMC), a tertiary health care facility owned and operated by Professional Services, Inc. (PSI), has been operational since 1967. Through the years of its corporate existence, it has learned to integrate the science of medi`cine with that of business management. Hence, TMC is one of the financially sound health care institutions in the country. Its history boasts of the collective aspiration and learnings of its forerunners that have laid the foundation in molding the character of the institution and in staying the course towards its vision and mission. The Vision To always be a leader in shaping how Filipinos think, feel and behave about health and how health services are accessed by and delivered to them.And to use such leadership to serve equity in health, life and development. The Mission The pursuit of their vision is animated by a passion to always keep their patient on center stage and deliver service of greater worth,engaging strategic partners who share their vision and passion, constantly proceeding from what they do best, and in the process of carrying these out, align the interests of their employees, their professional staff and our shareholders with the interests of those they serve.
Location: The Medical City Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines. Phone: +632 635 6789 and +632 631 8626

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