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Sheikh Khalifa Hospital

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The Sheikh Khalifa hospital or Sheikh Khalifa Medical City is an Acute Care Hospital created in 2005 that feature the merger of publicly held healthcare organizations in Abu Dhabi including the Abu Dhabi Central Hospital, Abu Dhabi Psychiatric Hospital, Abu Dhabi Rehabilitation Center, Al Jazeera Hospital, Preventive Medicine Clinic, Primary Healthcare Clinics and Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center. Named after U.A.E. President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the medical city is a flagship institution for SEHA’s healthcare system. It is managed by the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic a renowned US hospital. It also has Outpatient Specialty Clinics, Khalidiya Urgent Care Center (KUCC), Abu Dhabi Blood Bank and Ettihad Urgent Care Center.

The Sheikh Khalifa Medical City offers a range of specialty services to the residents and citizens of Abu Dhabi and nearby emirates including Cardiac Sciences Institute, Surgery Institute, Paediatric Institute, Medicine Institute, Emergency Medicine Institute and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It also offers Home Care Services for patients who have mobility problems. As a hospital it provides optimal patients while simultaneously promoting the general health and well-being of the community by health campaigns and education.

As part of its continuing commitment to healthcare service, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City will be opening a new Sheikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital in RAK in 2014, which will provide medical services for cancer, cardiology, and chronic diseases, and to treat trauma patients in the northern emirates. Similar to its original philosophy the new hospital will have modern American styled facilities and equipment while maintaining the Middle Eastern culture and Muslim customs in design which evidenced by the inclusion of prayer rooms for both patients and staff for their daily five prayers, which faces Mecca. The new hospital will accommodate up to 400 beds and will definitely help in expanding the medical services to the citizens of Abu Dhabi.

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