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San Juan de Dios Hospital

Posted on September 8, 2009 | 3 Comments on San Juan de Dios Hospital

The SAN JUAN DE DIOS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC. (HOSPITAL), Fomerly HOSPITAL DE SAN JUAN DE DIOS, is the oldest hospital in the Philippines. The Hospital started with the arrival of the Franciscan missionaries in the country on June 24, 1578. Among them was a lay brother, Fray Juan Clemente. Unable to learn the language of the natives, he devoted his time studying the medicinal value of the tropical plants in curing diseases of the sick and the poor. The Franciscan porteria in Intramuros was converted into a dispensary. Later that year, Fray Clemente built a nipa hut and bamboo hospital with two wards of 300 square meters each. This was furtehr expanded into three wards with the arrival in 1590 of Fray Juan Fernandez de Leon, who later became the first hospital chaplain. The hospital, despite its modern architecture and u-to-date facilities, is steeped in tradition. Its history of charity in the Philippines grew with the nation’s growth. It owes its existence to countless generations of men and women who labored and spent their fortune to provide charity, the rewards of which were far more precious than material wealth and honor. The verdict of more than four centuries has proven that. The San Juan de Dios Hospital further strengthened its resolve to upgrade and update its facilities to continue its glorious tradition of service to Filipinos, especially to indigent patients. To date, the Hospital provides a complete line-up of medical and health care services, medical education and training, nursing services, as well as clinical pastoral care services while also going beyond its premises to conduct various community outreach programs.
Location: San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. (Hospital) 2772 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines, 1300 Phone: (+632) 8319731 to 36 (+632 )8315641 to 49

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  1. Basti Reply

    i just want to ask who is the top pedia and top ob-gyne in San Juan De Dios hospital. Thank you.

  2. shen boco Reply

    any one there from san juan de dios im only asking how can provide the for benifiary card or discount card for every time i visit and check up for my doctors in ur hospital? so that i can avel my discount for every check up thanks…

  3. rhea conneely Reply

    i want to ask what is the procedure to do the ceasarian in this hospital.coz i have a ceasarian last may 2006 in this hospital.now im leaving in ireland and having a second child.the doctor here is asking me if a vertical cut inside my womb or a horizontal?but i don’t know,, coz i have a vertical cut in my skin outside…so please send me a response for this mail thank you.i want only to know if you have the same procedure to all ceasarian patient..i want to know the inside cut its vertical or horizontal cut?thank you

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