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Resume Tips for Health Care Professionals

The healthcare profession has taken leaps in terms of advancements in the last two decades as healthcare institutions are increasingly becoming perceptive in controlling cost and boosting productivity. Funding support especially from government organization had curtailed subsidies and allowable expenses, which one’s healthcare resume must consider and reflect an understanding of these trends.  Generally, one’s resume must provide clear evidence of one’s academic training, skills, and experience. This should be reinforced by a commitment to quality and the willingness to continually grow professionally for oneself and the company to be served.  Following are simple tips to prepare a healthcare resume.

Format. The chronological format used is the most common format used in a resume which presents ones work experience in a historical manner. An alternative format especially for an experienced professional is to use a functional format which presents one’s work experience according to skills, thereby providing better emphasis.

Target Employers Needs. Employers need to know if your skills would match their needs.  Is therefore advisable to include a short descriptive statement of how each listed skills can fit the company requirements and contribute to advancing company services.

Specify details if necessary. Itemize facts or elements that you think relates to the healthcare institution that you are applying for.  For instance, note if your previous employer was a public hospital, a 200-bed tertiary hospital, and the departments to which one was assigned.

Use healthcare lingo.  Every profession has its own vernacular.  In the case of the healthcare industry, it utilizes different acronyms and jargon, which is normally known and comprehensible only among health professionals.  The use of such jargon will help reflect one’s experience and expertise in the profession.

Highlight Transferable Skills. These are skills that do not exclusively relate to being a healthcare professional but generally applies to being professional such as organizational skills, management skills, people skills, research skills, time management, and computer skills, among others.  These skills will expand one’s potential to be assigned in different departments.

Avoid common mistakes. Grammatical errors, irrelevant information (height, weight),  lengthy but senseless descriptions, the use of a photo of you not in proper business attire or that is so old, poor or too exaggerated design of the resume, and the omission of contact information,


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