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The Quirino Hospital or the Quirino Memorial Medical Center is a 350 bed public medical center under the Department of Health. As a government-supported institution, healthcare institution dedicates itself to provide medical care delivery to the people regardless of creed, color or socio-economic status.
Formerly known as “Labor Hospital”, the The Ouirino Hospital or the Quirino Memorial Medical Center or QMMC for short was established in 1951 and was the only government hospital in Quezon City.

It was originally designed to cater the indigent sick patients in line with the late President Elpidio Quirino’s social amelioration program to whom the hospital was named in his honor. The QMMC was established in 1951, through the charitable donations of civic minded people, Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and the Department of Labor to come up with a people-centered hospital. It formally opened its doors in 1953 with only a 75 bed capacity. The Quirino Memorial Medical Center operates with corporate values of Clean spiritually, mentally, and physically, Committed to Excellence, Compassionate, Competent, Culture friendly, Community Oriented, and Communicative.

UB-Specialty Program of the Quirino Memorial Medical Center in internal medicine included Cardiology, Critical Care, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Microbiology & Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology, Pulmonology, Diabetology, Rheumatology, Alternative Medicine –Acupuncture and Allergology & Immunology. For paediatrics, it specializes in General Pediatrics, Neonatology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Neurology, Hematology, Oncology, Infectious, Critical Care, and Developmental Pediatrics. It also provides General Surgery, Orthopedic and Pediatric Surgery, Urology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, TCVS, Neurosurgery, Colorectal Surgery, Critical Care, Vascular and Transplant Surgery, Spinal Cord Surgery & Rehab, Laparoscopic Surgery, Burn Unit, and Endoscopy.
For obstetrics and gynecology, it provides General OB, Gynecology, Oncology, Perinatology, OB Sonology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Infectious OB-Gyne, Family Planning and Menopause Clinic. For ophthalmology, it offers General Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology, External Eye & Refractive Surgery, Strabismus, Glaucoma, Neuro- Ophthalmology, Vitreo – Retina, Laser Eye Surgery and Corneal Transplant. For otorhinolaryngology, it provides Maxillo- Facial Trauma/Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Laryngology & Bronchoesophagology, Rhinopharyngology & Allergology, Otology & Audiology, Laryngology- Phoniatrist, Neuro-Otology & Skull Base Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery, ORL Surgical Oncology and Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid. For Anesthesiology, it offers Pediatric Anesthesiology, Pain Management, OB Anesthesia and Critical Care & Kidney Transplant.

For pathology, it offers Blood Bank, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Serology & Immunology, Clinical Microscopy, Bacteriology, Histopathology and Drug Testing. It has medical imaging services such as Diagnostic Radiology, Ultrasound, Computerized Tomography, and MRI. Other services included Acute Chemotherapy Unit, Acute Psychiatric Unit, Burn Unit, Center for Neurological Sciences, Clinical Trial Unit, ER/HEMS/WCPU/Animal Bite Center, Dental, and Dermatology, Hemodialysis Unit, and Neurophysiology/EEG & EMG-NCV.

The Quirino Memorial Medical Center is located JP Rizal cor. P.Tuazon st. Project 4, Quezon City , Philippines 1109 telephone 421-22-50 to 61.

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