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PNP General Hospital

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The PNP General Hospital is the institutionalized healthcare delivery system for the Philippine National police that provides health and medical services to servicemen and their families and in some instances to the general populace. As a general hospital, the PNP General hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical services that are often needed by the people.

The PNP General Hospital has a long history. It started of as an 25 bed infirmary in 1950 as a support unit to the Philippine Constabulary Command. The Philippine Constabulary was one of the two national police forces in the Philippines organized by the American government in 1901 when the country was still of US colony. The infirmary was an extension facility of the Victorino Luna General Hospital. Five years later, its bed capacity increases to fifty and was renamed the Constabulary Station Hospital and later as MPF-CAPCOM Hospital. It was also known as the Camp Panopio Hospital because it is where the hospital is located.

In 1972, the 100-bed Constabulary Station Hospital in in Camp Crame was inaugurated. After undergoing an expansive expansion that increased its bed capacity to 150, it was renamed as the PC-INP General Hospital In 1989. The hospital was also called Camp Crame Hospital.

In 1990, the enactment of Republic Act 6975 facilitated the merger of Camp Panopio Hospital and the Camp Crame Hospital in lieu of centralizing the health care service delivery system of the PNP, improve its services and increasing number of patients that they serve. The merger of the two hospital resulted to the birth of the PNP General Hospital at Camp Crame. The hospital building in Camp Panopio was retained which housed the surgical facilities. This was known as the PNP General hospital Annex. However, the main leadership and management of the whole hospital as a single entity pertains to the PNP General Hospital in Camp Crame. The merger of the two hospitals successfully provided a more efficient health care delivery system to service personnel of PNP both uniformed and non-uniformed as well as their families or dependents. The PNP General hospital also admits civilian basis for consultation or admission as properly authorized.

The PNP General hospital is located at Camp Crame, EDSA, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

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