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Mendero Medical Center

Posted on October 20, 2012 | 3 Comments

The Mendero Medical Center is a planned tertiary hospital with 100 – 250 bed capacity to be located at Consolacion, Cebu which is proximate to SM Consolacion, the Garden Bloom Acres and subdivision. The medical center is currently under construction and is expected to be in full operation by the first quarter of 2013.

Mendero Medical hospital will initially provide primary care for the residents within its jurisdiction in which it will have a regular team of health care professionals where local residents can get ask for consultation. It will then evolve to provide medical specialists and other health care experts from its affiliated healthcare institutions such as the Mendero Hospital in Pagadian city, which currently have an existing roster of doctors and physicians with expertise in cardiology, urology, dermatology among others. As a pioneering hospital in the area, Mendero Medical Center will provide acute care services especially relating to emergencies and other serious illness. It will also provide some diagnostic services such as medical imaging services.

The Mendero Medical Center will ultimately become a tertiary health care hospital that will specialized in consultative health care for inpatients that will provide advanced medical health check and therapeutic remedies and treatment to patients in certain illness that entails specialization such as cancer management, neurosurgety, neonatology and other surgical interventions.

At the moment, the hospital is accepting applications for both its administrative and health operation requirements. Nurses, doctors and other health care specialists (radiologists, medical technologists) are being screened to ensure that the hospital only gets the most dedicated and most qualified health care practitioners available locally. Envisioned to be a modern hospital institution, Mendero Medical Center is also soliciting other health care technology providers which will ensure its provision of the most advanced healthcare services in the area.

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  1. 12/10/30

    Where can I send my application letter for administrative position?

  2. 13/10/30

    I want to apply as a Nurse in your prestigious hospital. What are the specific qualifications? Thank you.:)

  3. Benedict rey barcenas Reply

    Hi. Im interested in applying for the nurse staff position.

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