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Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center

The vision of Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center is to be fully equipped Health Care Facility in Northern Luzon manned by highly skilled and compassionate professionals. It shall provide complete extensive health care services networking with government and private hospitals, clinics and all other health care facilities. It shall provide a seat of training for all medical and paramedical professions with affiliations to Universities, Colleges and schools. Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center shall nurture an environment conducive to research activities with high quality output recognized locally and internationally. The financial system is manage through an integrated mechanism of income retention, government subsidy and fund raising activities. Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center is located in Batac, Ilocos Norte. It was founded 1968. Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center is a 200 – bed Tertiary/Teaching Medical Center. Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center is DOH designated Eye & Cancer Center for Northwestern Luzon. Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center is affiliated with medical and paramedical schools for post-graduate training/rotations in the clinical departments and internship for medical technologist, pharmacist, physical therapist, nurses and midwives.
Location: Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center No. 6 San Julian Batac Ilocos Norte 2906 Philippines Phone: (63) 077-792-3144

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  1. 09/11/24

    A pleasant evening, I am a registered nurse and had a 10 months hospital experience and I saw your ad that you are in need for a staff nurse. I am willing to apply for the position. I am hoping to hear from you. You can also contact me at 09272361010.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  2. Raymon Castro Reply

    Good day I’am a registered nurse hoping to find a a job. I worked as a Laboratory representative for one year. pls inform me if your institution is in need of trainee nurses 09103081254 tnx

  3. Raymon Castro Reply

    Good day im hoping to find a job as a trainee nurse or any position available in you institution were my profession as a nurse can be utilize thank you. Pls advice thnks 09103081254

  4. cancer_prancer Reply

    Nurse trainees are always welcome in MMMH. just inquire at the chief nurse’s office or at the training office. the training runs for 3 months. the next batch will start on July 16, 2010. but you can apply as early as now because in the current batch, there were those who started a month earlier. the training fee is PhP 3,000 per month. yes, per month. you will be exposed to the different areas excluding OPD, OR/DR, and Hemodialysis. Trainings for the last 2 are different. if you prefer OR, it’s PhP 5,000 per month, it will be for 3 months. If you wanna specialize in an area, like for example Medical ICU, the fee is still PhP 3,000 per month, again for 3 months also. Hiring in this hospital is cut-throat. Just like any government institution, “backers” are an important plus. Usually you start off as a contracted nurse. If you do not have “heavy” backers, you’ll remain as one until you eventually get tired. I know some who have been contractuals for almost half a decade already. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay over there if you decided to push thru with your training.

    IV Therapy training is also available. for PhP 2,500 you can avail of their ANSAP-Accredited 3-day IV Therapy Training. Trainings for this is held every 2nd or 3rd week of the month.

  5. Christinne G.Galla Reply

    hi..i am a registered nurse…i wish to be a part of your institution..i have finished a lot of trainings already and i dream to land in one of the top-performing hospitals,including yours…i have already finished the IV training by ANSAP and also by NCCLEX. I have also finished the Dialysis Training Certification Program by NCCLEX. i hope to hear from you soon..thanx.. u can contact me at 09295071897

  6. Belle Reply

    Hi…I wonder why volunteer nurses here at Manila used to pay for there trainings in the hospital. For us there at Iloilo we gained our clinical experience as volunteer nurses for free. we just pay for IV trainings and workshops for only 1500 pesos.

  7. Arlene Reply

    hi..just would like to inquire if there is an opening for a staff nurse post in your hospital? hope you don’t have an age limit issues..hoping for certain considerations..
    09195096263 is my mobile number..thank you so much.

  8. Ruena Reply

    Pls abolish your training fee or else i will complain, it has been an issue and i saw it in the television. Give a chance to local nurses, they spend a lot on their studies. This is corruption..Here in abroad volunteers never pay, they have an allowance. My heart is broken when i saw the episode on Reporter’s Notebook regarding a fee for a volunteer. I don’t wonder now coz i have a relative wants to come for a training/volunteer in you hospital but she was asking me to help her for her fee. I was so disappointed coz she already spent a lot. Our country will never progress if corruption is there, improve now, have pitty on them (RN). I am asking the attention of the president or board of directors of this hospital to pay attention to my complain. Excellent nurses are going abroad now due to no good position they get, Filipino nurses abroad are being recognized because of their hardwork..and i feel sorry that our country lost these nurses. Sapay kuma ta maasi kayo kadakwada ta saan yo ida nga pagbayadenen..

  9. ANDREW Reply


  10. 11/05/25

    I was browsing Google when i thought of typing the institution’s name and i was shocked when i read some of the comments. I used to be part of the family years ago and i never encountered such problems, in fact i learned a lot of things and my skills and knowledge were improved when i was working there. Unfortunately i left due to job opportunity abroad but in all honesty i miss working there especially at ER-TRAUMA and i miss my senior staffs and all the employees.

  11. redredred Reply

    We always have the right to complain. However, we need to consider the circumstances and the different factors affecting the things that leads to at times unwanted results. We can’t blame the hospital for trying to collect a fee on their trainees. As for the IV therapy training, I’d like to point out that the government is not providing a budget for photocopies of lectures to be distributed to every student undergoing such training; the government is not paying for the materials to be used by students during return demonstrations; the government is not paying for the snacks and lunches provided during the seminar. The hospitals collecting fees for these kinds of trainings cannot be called “CORRUPT.” Let’s stop blaming each other for the fault of one. Let’s just work together to solve this kind of problem. Complaining doesn’t solve anything. There’s no point in comparing the Philippines to other countries whose health care system is more advanced. It’s up to you whether to help your relative or not. If you have problem/s with money, then better tell your relative that you can’t help her. If by any chance you have the capacity to help, then do so. Sometimes, it’s good to give back the blessings to other people.

    *Huwag na sanang maging makasarili.**

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