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The Manila naval hospital with its medical service towards a healthy Philippine Navy personnel, its dependents and civilian employees speaks well of its unselfish dedication and sincerity in providing the best and most appropriate health care for the entire Philippine navy under the auspicious headship and management of Col Juanito A. Allas MC the current Commanding Officer. The hospitals medical service with its numerous sorties to the far corners of our archipelago has undoubtedly helped our sailors and marines particularly during times of operation and emergencies. The zeal of the then Philippine Marine barracks hospital service to the PN personnel and its dependents have not waned throughout the years until in January 5,1988, the Philippine marine Barracks hospital was redesignated as Bonifacion Naval Station Hospital pursuant to GHQ Letter Directive Nr 88-1 effective May 1988 with an authorized 150 Bed capacity. This hospital was activated provisionally as a unit of the Philippine Navy and was assigned under the stewardship of Bonifacio Naval Station. BNS Hospital have become more seasoned and more vigilant in tackling the various problems and obstacles that have constantly faced them With its mission of Providing comprehensive quality medical care in order to ensure and conserve the fighting strength of the Philippine Navy in particular and the AFP in general, BNS Hospital has been subjected to all kinds of demanding situations in times of peace and in battle zones but nary a time have BNS Hospital failed to deliver the valuable life-saving service to our Navy and Marines in the area that responded to its Broad Objectives which are as follows; 1. Enhance the delivery oh health service to military personnel and their direct dependents and authorized civilian personnel. 2. Maximize the effective utilization of military and civilian personnel in their care of various patients. 3. Support command activities as directed. CAPABILITIES: 1. Capable of maintaining 100 beds capacity. 2. Capable of conducting routine and special Ancillary Procedures: BLOOD CHEM, URINALYSIS AND FACALYSIS ECG TREADMILL ROUTINE X-RAY AND SPECIAL RADIOLOGIC PROCEDURES = KUB-IVP, UGIS BA ENEMA The performance of BNS Hospital that was seen in the past years was more than promising. With the present manpower resources as shown in table 1 simply reveal that BNS Hospital is expected to carry out more and better medical care to the Philippine Navy personnel and direct dependents as well as authorized civilians with the untiring work attributes of the present commanding officer, Col Allas to formulate excellent health programs that will bolster the welfare of its recipient which is the Philippine Navy. Appropriate management of its leadership will enhance BNS Hospital’ manpower welfare and moral, self confidence earnestness, and competence in the performance of their duties and responsibilities At present MNH is operating as a tri-service organization: Administrative Service, Medical Service and Nursing Service. At present, it has exposed its thrust towards continuing relevance and preparedness in answering the call of mission. Above all else, it is indeed with a healthy corps of men and women that it can go forward to its quest for national peace and order. The MNH existence, under the guidance and leadership of its commanding officer, has the following concerns, initially to its personnel, building facilities, medicines and medical supplies and equipment.
Location: Manila Naval Hospital Bonifacio Naval Station Fort Bonifacio Makati City 1201

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  1. Kristin MOrgadez Reply

    Good Afternoon! I just wan to ask of you’re opened for hiring nurses. I’m interested to apply in your institution… even volunteer nurse… I’m pleased to wait for your response. GOd bless

  2. kay Reply

    good morning ma’am/ sir

    are there any nurse job vacancy in your hospital? thank you.

  3. 10/10/15

    Dear Sir/Maam,

    Good Day!
    Just want to know if you are still hiring for Volunteer nurse
    actually I’m not the one who will apply for the position.
    My husband is RN.
    If ever you are accepting volunteer nurse.
    Please let me know so i can inform my husband to
    apply in your good office.
    Hoping for your response on this matter.

    Have a nice day!
    ms. joyce

  4. Nino Lascano, RN Reply

    Lot 64 Block 16 Phase 3,
    St. Joseph Village, Langgam,
    San Pedro, Laguna, PHILIPPINES


    Dear Sir/Maam:

    I chose personally this prestigious institution to apply as a staff nurse, who I believe it will offer me sufficient challenges and responsibilities and I feel that my experience, skills, knowledge and confidence match for this position.

    My educational qualification helps me working in this field as I have graduated from a reputed school of nursing, Riverside College, Bacolod City, Philippines last March 2006 and I passed my Nurse Licensure Examination last June 2006. With my 2 years and 9 months hospital experience including volunteer, and having special interest in emergency and accident care, the details have been provided in the resume, I had faced all types of situation and challenges and able to handle critical patients. I am a good team player with my colleagues and other staff members. I have created and maintained excellent relationships with patients and family members.

    Moreover, I believe that a well – trained and Professional Registered Nurse (RN) is highly needed to grow and integrity of any department and I am the one who has the skills set and the experience you are looking for. I am open for trainings and seminars, which it helps for my professional and career growth. Hopefully, you will find that I am worthwhile and skilled nurse who deserves further attention in bringing quality healthcare services. Dedication, energetic, loyalty, honesty, flexibility and ability to adapt to a new working environment are some of my additional qualities.

    Maybe, you will be interviewing other potential Professional Registered Nurse (RN) but I hope you will not make a final decision until I talk over this job with you and show what I can bring to it.

    If you feel that, I am the ideal candidate to join your hospital, please call me to discuss about interview date and time on my mobile number +639195516903. Thank you so much for consideration and time.


    Staff Nurse Applicant

    Lot 64 Block 16 Phase 3, St. Joseph Village, Langgam,, San Pedro, Laguna, PHILIPPINES
    nll_rn@yahoo.com +639195516903
    Seeking a challenging position in a busy hospital where my extensive medical professional and practical
    experience will be fully utilized.
    • Wide experience working in a health care unit as a Staff Nurse.
    • With knowledge to take care of the patient’s health concerns.
    • Hardworking and energetic.
    • Able to manage work under pressure.
    • Can easily adapt to a new change of working environment.
    • Outstanding ability to stay calm; and calm down aggressive patients.
    • Ability to be organized and good multitasking.
    • Excellent people skills, patient care and practice skills.

    Al Adwani General Hospital Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    May 19, 2009 – February 15, 2010
    120bed capacity
    Staff Nurse (ER/Medical-Surgical Ward)
    • Assessed patients and rendered necessary triage.
    • Determined the medical needs of patients with injuries either independently or in consultation with the physicians.
    • Rendered initial nursing care assessment of patients with life threatening injuries.
    • Provide direct nursing care to emergency room patients with a variety of clinical problems.
    • Give and prepare medications as ordered.
    • Perform Intravenous insertion, blood extraction, NGT and Foley Catheter insertion.
    • Starting and discontinuing intravenous fluids and blood products as ordered.
    • Perform transport of patients as necessary.
    • Maintain confidentiality and accuracy of patients file.
    • Interact with departments regarding patient care.
    • Prepare patient for surgery. Carry out all pre- op and post – op orders.
    • Providing care patient post operation and proper pain management.

    King Fahd Central Hospital Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    February 07, 2008 – April 26, 2009
    500bed capacity
    Staff Nurse (Neurosurgery – Orthopaedic Ward)

    • Receives ward from outgoing nurses.
    • Checked census of the department and inventory of all equipment.
    • Check daily census of the patient per shift and endorse to head nurse or supervisor.
    • Provided pre-and-post operative nursing care for patients with musculoskeletal injuries.
    • Check medication cupboard per shift especially narcotics and patients medication good for 24 hours.
    • Perform Intravenous insertion, blood extraction, NGT and Foley Catheter insertion.
    • Prepare for radiologic examinations such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound and MRI.
    • Starting and discontinuing intravenous fluids and blood products as ordered.
    • Giving and preparing medication such as ordered.
    • Maintain patients file and confidentiality.

    Bacolod Adventist Medical Center Bacolod City, Philippines
    January 21, 2007 – March 16, 2007
    120bed capacity
    Staff Nurse (Medical-Surgical Ward)

    • Check and record vital signs appropriately.
    • Assisted nursing staff in the care of all patients including bathing, changing and feeding.
    • Prepare and give medication as ordered.
    • Provided quality patient care.
    • Managed confidential patient files.

    Bacolod Adventist Medical Center Bacolod City, Philippines
    Sept. 04, 2006 – December 08, 2006
    120bed capacity
    Volunteer Nurse (ER, Haemodialysis, ICU,
    Medical-Surgical, OB-Gyn and Pediatrics Units)

    • Perform nurse duties and responsibilities with the direct supervision of Head Nurse or the Charge Nurse.
    • Perform daily nursing procedures such as morning care.
    • Assist doctors during rounds and carry out order.
    • Give and prepare medication as ordered.
    • Document vital signs properly.

    Myocardial Infarction Head Injury
    Craniotomy Fractures
    Open Reduction Internal Fixation
    Ludwig Angina

    Code Blue Wound Dressing
    Emergency Drugs Administration Assisting in Casting
    Intravenous Insertion Assisting in CTT Removal
    Nasogastric Tube Insertion Assisting in Tracheotomy Tube Removal
    Foley Catheter Insertion Assisting Intubation
    Skin Traction Application Assisting Skull Traction Application
    ECG Taking Assisting Halo-Vest Traction Application
    Placement to Cardiac Monitor
    Thomas-Splint Application

    Basic Life Support CPR, King Fahd Central Hospital. Jizan, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, February 2009
    Basic Life Support-CPR For Healthcare Provider, Bacolod Adventist Medical Center, September 25-26, 2006
    Intensive Clinical Care Training Program (ICCTP) Bacolod Adventist Medical Center, Bacolod City, Philippines, September 04 – December 08, 2006

    Thrombophilia Symposium, King Fahd Central Hospital, Jizan, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, November 05, 2008
    Spiritual Dimension In Healthcare Provider, Colegio De San Agustin, Bacolod City, Philippines, July 02, 2005.

    REGISTERED NURSE IN THE PHILIPPINES, June 2006 General Average Rating of 76.20%, Valid License Number: 0412332
    COMPLETED, RELATED LEARNING EXPERIENCE (RLE), Riverside College, Bacolod City, Philippines, Rating 91%, June 2003 – March 2006
    CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, ASSOCIATE IN HEALTH SCIENCE EDUCATION, Riverside College, Bacolod City, Philippines, August 14, 2004

    COLLEGE: RIVERSIDE COLLEGE, Bacolod City, Philippines
    Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing, general average 90%, March 2006
    SECONDARY: La Consolacion School, Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, Philippines, S.Y. 1998 – 2002
    PRIMARY: San Isidro Elementary School, Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, Philippines, S.Y.1992 – 1998

    Nationality: Filipino
    Birthplace: Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, Philippines
    Date of birth: April 25, 1985
    Age: 25 years old
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 203 lbs (93kg)
    Civil Status: Single
    Religion: Roman-Catholic
    Language Ability: English, Arabic, Tagalog, Hiligaynon
    Skills: Computer literate on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Net Surfing

    MR.AHMED ATAFFI, Nursing Director, King Fahd Central Hospital, Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    ANTONIA BALILA, BSN, RN, Head Nurse, Neurosurgery Ward, King Fahd Central Hospital, Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    GENEL LIMOS, BSN, RN, Head Nurse In-Patient Dept, 3rd Floor, Al Adwani General Hospital, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    LEILANI ASUNCION, BSN, RN-ICN, Infection Control Department, Al Adwani General Hospital, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  5. Mae04 Reply

    Good Day!

    Are there any nurse job vacancy in your hospital?

  6. meki Reply

    hi! Please do email me if there are job openings for nurses. Thank you!

  7. floyd Reply

    hi..please email me too for hiring and requirements, i am interested in working in that hospital..thanks…

  8. king Reply

    hello! Pls email me if you have a job opening for nurses. Thank you!

  9. king2 Reply

    hello! Pls email me if you have a job opening for nurses. Thank you!

  10. Lyn Gladys Franco Reply

    good day ma’am, i would like to ask if your institution is hiring nurses who just recently passed the board exam and didn’t have yet any experience. i am very pleased to wait for your reply. Thank you.

  11. ronnel de leon Reply

    good day ma’am/sir
    i would like to ask if there is a vacancy in the position of radiologic technology??

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