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Lakeshore General Hospital Canada

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The Lakeshore General Hospital (LGH) is a 257 bed capacity acute care institution that provides medical and healthcare services for the people of the West Island region of Montreal, Canada. Strategically situated in major highway branches, the hospital is most accessible for emergency situations in Montreal. Lakeshore General Hospital is also a component of the West-Island Health and Social Service Centre, the central health institution dedicated in maintaining and promoting the health and well-being of the population of the West Island with accessible and quality health services and social services.

The Lakeshore General Hospital was founded in 1965 through the auspices of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation, which continues to generate and provide funds to support the development of the hospital through the purchase of modern medical equipment, facilities and technology to enhance the services of the hospital and provide the best medical care for the people.

Among the services provided by the Lakeshore General Hospital included Blood Test Centre, Child, Parent and Family Services (Perinatality and Early Childhood, International Adoption, Maison de naissance), Front Line Services, Mental Health, Prevention and Screening (Breast Cancer, VIH – Sida (HIV – AIDS)), Public Health, Seniors’ Services including Home Care Services, Home Helping Services, Long Term Care, Day Centre, and Caregivers, Services in the Hospital (The Emergency, End of Life Care, Medical Imaging, Preop Clinics), Sexual Health (Contraception, Unwanted Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections), Health, Education and Everyday Life Habits (Health Education Centre (HEdC), Quit Smoking Centre, Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Cardiometabolic Program (diabetes, hypertension), Subacute Low Back Pain Program, Travellers’ Health Clinic, Vaccination, Women and Men’s Health, Youth and Family Services (Youth Clinic, Psychosocial Services, School Services and others).

Lakeshore General Hospital is located at 160, avenue Stillview Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

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