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Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital Strengthening the link between hospital and home. Passage from one place or state to another. Transition is marked by change. And hope. And in their case, they’ve made it their goal to make the transition between hospital and home a success for all of their patients. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. How do Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital do it? With the finest care and treatment available in Southeastern Virginia. With a respiratory rehab success rate that’s led to ventilator referrals from across the country. With a newly remodeled pediatric unit that brings hope to their children and their families. With rehabilitation services, occupational, physical and speech therapies. And with case management that brings the patient, the family and the care together in a way that promotes rapid recovery and optimal results. Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital. As a leader in transitional care, Lake Taylor has emerged as one of the finest sub-acute care facilities on the east coast. They’ve undergone a transition of their own. Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital stepped up their expectations. Improved their facility. And as always, continue to nurture their patients and their staff.
Location: Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital 1309 Kempsville Road Norfolk, VA 23502 USA Phone: 757.461.5001

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