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Hospitals Embrace Wireless Radiography

Radiography systems outfitted with wireless interfaces are redefining how radiography is practiced and equipment is purchased.

Hospitals are sharing wireless detectors across mobile radiography systems and radiography/fluoroscopy systems, as administrators plan future purchases to capitalize on newfound efficiencies. Left in the dust is computed radiography (CR), whose phosphor plates now serve as the stepping stones to digital radiography (DR).

With wireless detectors priced at approximately $100,000 each, sharing is crucial in today’s cost-conscious environment. Besides allowing a detector to travel on rounds with a mobile radiography unit in the morning and join the emergency department in the afternoon and evening, sharing allows hospitals to experiment with workflows and ramp up their purchases as demand allows.

In addition, vendors are finding ways into the ubiquitous radiography environment by offering suites of equipment that accommodate their wireless detectors.

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