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Dubuis Health System

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Dubuis Health System provides management services to other long term acute care hospitals on a contractual basis. Management can include individual services such as Business Office functions or management of the entire hospital. Dubuis Health System provides assistance in determining the need for long term acute care services as well as the benefit of having such a venue of care within the existing continuum. The system office, located in Houston, TX, provides many centralized services which reduce the need for these services at each facility, therefore reducing the cost of providing health care to long term acute patients. These services include, but are not limited to, Accounting and Finance, Business Office, Payroll, Human Resources, Information Systems, Purchasing, Mission Integration, Integrity/Compliance, and Risk Management. The leadership of Dubuis Health System is actively involved in impacting the future of health care with emphasis on long term acute care. Letters are written as, well as personal visits, to legislators and congressional leaders both nationally and at the state level to ensure the future of the industry in providing care to this special population of patients. Dubuis also provides to Congress and HCFA clinical outcomes that demonstrate the quality and intensity of services provided in long term acute care. The hospitals in the Dubuis Health System offer a full range of services for patients who need acute care for an extended period of time. Among the offerings at Dubuis are social services, case management, nutritional counseling, and occupational, physical, speech and respiratory therapy. By combining intensive care with rehabilitation therapy, Dubuis Health System help patients progress to another level of care; or and this is their ultimate goal help them return to their community.
Location: Dubuis Health System 11 Upper Riverdale Rd., S.W., 6th Floor Riverdale, GA 30274 USA Phone: 770-897-7603 Fax: 770-897-7606

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