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DNA Testing Centers in the Philippines

Posted on May 29, 2012 | 2 Comments

DNA testing before only offered in a country where there are machines that are fully equipped with high tech device. Only can afford people can avail such services. Nowadays, this kind of test can be afforded by anyone for it is no affordable that anyone can benefit those who wanted to have a DNA testing.

Different kind of DNA testing available in many different hospitals in the Philippines, for instance in Angeles City Pampanga there is an accredited testing center that performs any kinds of DNA testing. The Easy DNA is a specialist provider for DNA testing services in the Philippines. The test performed in this laboratory has proven the best and accurate test ever, because it is internationally accredited and has been carried out for over a 250,000 DNA test in the country.

The Easy DNA also offers different kinds of DNA testing, these includes the paternity test. This kind of test will confirm the biological relationship between a father and the child. The standard price of the paternity test only offers as much as P14, 800.00. This kind of price is affordable compare to other countries which will cost you much because of the air fare alone, although DNA testing in other countries is much affordable than in the Philippines. The waiting period of the results of the DNA testing will last up to 5-7 working days depending on the samples provide of the patient. Doing this kind of test is very easy because paternity testing has a DNA kit which has an easy to follow instructions. The good thing of this is that they can order online or can contact the Easy DNA to discuss the case and they will be assisting by their support team. Anyone can contact their office anytime of the day for an interview and questions regarding the matter.

After the confirming and agreeing of both parties on the said procedure the DNA test will be ordered and the DNA testing kit will be on hand within 24 hours. It can also claim directly at their office. The DNA has full instructions on how to operate and use the kit they provide. If instructions are not clear enough they can also visit the DNA collection guide on the internet.

Another way of determining DNA testing is the Relationship test, this test performs to determine the biological relationships of the siblings, aunts/uncles, and grandparents. It is offered because there are instances that the so-called parent is not available or willing to take part in the paternity test. Others include the DNA Profile, Twin Zygosity Test, DNA Forensic Test, Ancestry DNA test. All these can be done at the Easy DNA in Angeles City.

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    do u have a branch in cebu where we can have a DNA TESTING?

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    Where can DNA testing be carried out in Cebu City

    What is the cost of the service……??

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