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Posted on September 8, 2009 | 13 Comments on Chong Hua Hospital

Chong Hua Hospital is home to some of the region’s top specialists and sub specialist, making Chong Hua Hospital the referral hospital of choice for physicians and patients seeking the highest level and quality of care. With Chong Hua Hospital’s 660 beds and our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Chong Hua Hospital is considered as one of the biggest, most advanced, fully integrated and comprehensive health care facility system in the Visayas and Mindanao area. Our eleven(11) story twin tower building stands at the very heart of Cebu City completing the back draft of the famous Cebu’s landmark, the Fuente Osmeña Circle. Patients at Chong Hua Hospital benefit from the care provided by a multidisciplinary team of nationally recognized leaders in virtually every clinical field. A number of specialized programs and services are also available, most providing both in and out patient supports. Through these, patients receive coordinated state-of-the-art care to address specific needs. Chong Hua Hospital commits to provide community service through ethical, compassionate and collaborative quality healthcare delivery systems and services par excellence – world class standards while upholding the dignity and welfare of its employees. Chong Hua Hospital spans the decades with the staunch belief that nothing is of greater value than life and no act stands noble as that of preserving or saving it. Since its founding in 1909, it has pioneered medical services of the highest quality in the Visayas and Mindanao. It has even earned for itself a reputation at par with those of the most respected hospitals in the world. This attributes to the visionary zeal and foresight of the founding members and Board of Directors of the Asociacion Benevola de Cebu, Inc. as well as the support of the Cebu – Chinese community. It also credits, foremost among others, the sheer hard work of its management and staff. At present, Chong Hua Hospital is an industry leader, equipped with the latest diagnostic and life – saving devices and manned by a competent and dedicated personnel. Just a block away from the historical Fuente Osmeña in uptown Cebu, Chong Hua Hospital is highly accessible from all points in the city and the province. Its five – storey building has a 246 – bed capacity – 4 times bigger than that of 40 years ago. The 12 storey twin tower hospital building right beside will house 500 rooms to accommodate more patients all over the region. Chong Hua Hospital faces the new millennium with the sincere intent to bring world – class hospital service to its growing clientele. It seeks to stand up to the challenges of a rapidly changing world and the expanding needs of its patients. This will pursue with all the commitment it has operated with all these years.
Location: Chong Hua Hospital Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City Philippines 6000 Tel. No.: +63(32) 254-1461 Fax No.: +63(32) 253-5639

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  1. Vanessa Reply

    Hi there, can someone help me regarding how to obtain a reference letter from this hospital. I worked there around 3 years ago and I need a reference letter. I’ve requested them for a reference letter but they keep telling me to come back next week, and its been almost 6 months. I’ve also written my own reference letter, but they tell me that they are not allowed to sign it.

    Please If somebody can help me get documents that proves I worked in this hospital and showing my responsibilities please contact me at arachnovunch@yahoo.com.ph.


  2. Joy Reply

    Good day!

    I would just like to ask if there are any job opportunities for volunteer nurses in Chong Hua.. Where can I possibly know the details. I’m not from Cebu so the internet is the best way for me to know any information.

    Thank you.

  3. yssa marie Reply


    I would like to ask if how much is the payment for nursing volunteers in CHONG HUA HOSPITAL. Where can i possibly know the details. I’m not from Cebu, I came from province and it is not easy for me to ask information about my concern, only internet can help me to know any information.



  4. Caroline Reply

    juz wanna vewrify if your open for applicants for registered nurses..coz i’ve heard that ur hiring…pls reply.yanx!

  5. Katrina Palileo Reply

    I applied last week for Chong Hua as Staff Nurse there is no such thing as volunteers nurse in Chong Hua you will be compensated of 4K a month im not sure of the amount of the salary but im sure that there is.. Go to the HR Department for the details and requirements.. This is your protocol when applying for a job..

  6. kunle Reply

    Hi my name is kunle. I live in the States. I will be visiting Cebu In Jan 2011 and plan on Visiting Chong Hua Hospital. I am a physician here in the States. I would like to take a tour of the Hospital especially the Labor and Delivery unit. I am an OB/GYN. Please If anyone knows any of the staff that works there let me know if you can help me . I can be reached at Lekunle@gmail.com.


  7. Roland Rodriguez Reply


    I would like to know if Chong Hua Hospital is hiring new staff nurses to be part of their health team. I am more than willing to apply and undergo the training for the said position and gain new learning and insights from your prestigious institution.

    I graduated from a prominent university in Visayas which has been consistent in the ranks as one of the best universities in the Philippines and from a college that has been honored for years in providing excellence in nursing education. I graduated in the top rank of our class and earned a very good rating in the National Licensure Examination dated last November 29 – 30, 2009. I also underwent IV training by ANSAP accredited Hospitals.

    I am looking forward for your favorable response. Please do contact me through this number, 0927 463 2202

    Thank You.

  8. Mary Grace Sumayod Reply

    Hi I was just wanna know if Chong Hua offers IV training for new nurses this year?..i am not from Cebu..please provide me with relevant details at my email address:mg_sumayod45@yahoo.com..thanks=)

  9. Mary Grace Sumayod Reply

    Hi I just wanna know if Chong Hua offers IV training for new nurses this year?..i am not from Cebu..please provide me with relevant details at my email address:mg_sumayod45@yahoo.com..thanks=)

  10. cath Reply

    hello,,i just want to ask a favor,,can u please attached here ur schedule for iv training in your hospital..please please..many of us are waiting for it,,wanna go for iv training..thanks alot and God bless

  11. jane Reply

    ..does any one know who is the human resources personnel to be address in my application letter..thanx..

  12. Marilou Pabatao Reply


    I am from Ozamis City who would like to know the best doctor from Chung hua hospital for thyroid problem. May i know the doctor’s clinic hour schedule? and the office number? so i can have my early reservation.
    Thank you!


  13. Ellen Reply


    I would like to know if Chong Hua Hospital is open for hiring
    staff nurses this year . If it is so, it is with interest that I would like to apply in your prestigious hospital.

    I’m looking forward for your response. Thanks!

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