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Casaul-Lanting General Hospital

Also called Lanting Hospital, Casaul General Hospital is a small private secondary hospital that serves as the affiliate school hospital of the Dr. Lanting College. Established in 1979, Casaul General Hospital actually served as the impetus for the establishment of the Lanting College. It was named after the late Dr. Romeo Casaul, who along with his wife Dra. Ruby Lanting-Casaul established the Dr. Lanting College.

As a secondary medical institution, Casaul general hospital provides general primary care for a cold, flu or other bacterial or viral disease as well as broken bone, a sore muscle, a skin rash or any other acute medical problem. It also provides specialist with specific expertise common health concerns such as cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, maternal and child health care, general medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, General Surgery and other Ancillary Services, Internal Medicine, Emergency Care, Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Subspecialties such as ENT and Dental Services as well as Basic Surgical Procedures.

As an affiliate hospital of Lanting College, Casaul General hospital offers students unparalleled variety of learning in nursing, caregiving, midwifery, physical therapy, medical technology and radiologic technology when it comes to clinical experience. Thus, the hospital plays a central role in the development of first class Filipino healthcare workers that have been deployed across the world.

Casaul General Hospital is located at Tandang Sora Avenue Sangandaan Novaliches Quezon City Philippines with telephone (02)9834301 / (02)9387789 and (02)9387782.

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