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Brokenshire Hospital Davao

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Brokenshire Memorial Hospital (BMH) is a tertiary specialist hospital located at Brokenshire Heights, Madapo,Davao City, Philippines. Brokenshire Hospital Davao is a component of the integrated ministry service provided by the Brokenshire healing ministry along with Brokenshire Community Health & Development Center; and, Brokenshire Resource Complex. Brokenshire is a healing ministry which is a part of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, that provides preaching, teaching, and healing to all people regardless of race, religion, or any social circumstantial background. Brokenshire Memorial Hospital plays a critical and fundamental element of the ministry’s services, which originally started as a small clinic manned by missionaries sent by American Board of Commissioners that eventually evolved into a full blown healthcare institution.

As a tertiary hospital, Brokenshire Hospital Davao provides a broad array of medical specialization such as Anesthesiology , Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurosciences, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, pathology, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Orthopedics, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The hospital also provides accredited residency training programs in its select medical specialization to generate health care experts that will provide quality and holistic healthcare services to the people of Davao. For ancillary services, the hospital also provides services in cardiology, endoscopy, laboratory, pulmonary and radiology/ imaging.

Aside from its dedicated healthcare personnel, Brokenshire Hospital Davao is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. It provides special complexes that focused on bringing God’s gift of life with its operating, delivery and newborn care complexes. As a complete hospital, it also has a complete array of support facilities like coffee shops, gift shops, pharmacy, chapel, food centers, spacious parks and meditation garden among others. Brokenshire Hospital Davao created different accommodations (suite, private, semi private and ward) to effectively cater people with different economic backgrounds. Apart from accommodations however, all patients are given equal quality of care and attention.

Brokenshire Memorial Hospital has different focal centers that specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of a particular disease, illness or client. For instance, the Fertility Care Center is for couples who wanted to have children. The Woman Center is designed for women issues like motherhood, pregnancy, etc. The Eye Laser is for eye care. And the Neuro-Development Center is for diagnosis and treatment of patients with problems with nerves. Other specialized centers in the hospital included the Kidney Stone Center, Hearing Screening Center, Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Center, Renal Dialysis, Center for Child & Adolescent and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center.

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