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Bed Capacity in Tertiary Hospital

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Tertiary hospital, tertiary referral center care center is a word without a formal definition for the hospital term. In the Philippines, tertiary hospital is a fully departmentalized and prepared with the service capabilities that needs to support certified medical Specialist and other licensed physicians that gives services in the field of Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery and their sub-specialties and ancillary services.

In US government, tertiary Hospital usually has a complete complement of services that includes the pediatrics, obstetrics, and among others, or a specialty hospital dedicated to specific sub-specialty care, the pediatrics centers, oncology centers, and psychiatric hospitals and so on. The patient will often be send to smaller hospitals to tertiary hospitals for major operations of the patients, consultations with sub-specialist and when need of a high tech equipment the intensive care facilities is the best for the patient to consider.

Bed capacity in a tertiary hospital depends on the hospital capacity to buy and provide for the use of the patients. There is no exact numbers on what capacity or number of beds must be provide for the hospital to use. These bed problems in different hospitals are very common especially for the public hospital alone. Depends also on the location of the hospital, if in the province and located in the farther place providing beds for them is difficult. That is why an improvised bed is use in the remote areas of a hospital.

In a given hospital, bed is very important for the patient to use. They can be relaxing area for them to use. In a hospital that is well equipped and well maintained, bed capacity in tertiary hospital are complete. The patients confined in a private hospital is well maintained well-care and also the visitors or the one will take care of the patient is on a relaxing mode. They are designed and constructed to contain. It may also refer to the number of beds set-up and for their staffed to use. Bed capacity in a tertiary hospital all depends on the capacity of the hospital in providing one.

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