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Bashaer al Hanan Kuwait

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Bashaer al Hanan is a medical center that provides medical care, diagnostic and treatment services in the vicinity of Al Jahara Kuwait.  The medical center has regular physicians, nurses and healthcare providers that serve the public 24-7.  Specialized accommodation services are provided for inpatients that may need to stay in the hospital for sufficient recuperation.  The hospital also has outpatient services such as EENT services, dental services and first aid services, among others.  The hospital prides itself of having specialized facilities and equipment that constitutes an integral part of the competitive advantage.

Located in the city of Jahara, the Bashaer al Hanan can be contacted via mail at P.O.BOX: 6213, 32037 KUWAIT, Kuwait or via telephone at 22633634 or 22633634 or via Fax at nos. 22648502.  Little is known about the hospital because most information is written in Arabic.  However, much like other health care institutions in Kuwait, the hospital is regularly monitored by the Kuwaiti government to ensure high standard of health care and to regulate the fees charged for healthcare. While government run hospitals in Kuwait charge lower hospital fees to Kuwaiti residents, Private hospitals like Bashaer al Hanan charge reasonable fees to be able to maintain top quality physicians and medical personnel.  But as part of its commitment to providing healthcare service to people indiscriminately, the hospital accepts medical insurance coverage such as Expacare to cover for the expenses. It must be noted that medical expenses of the Kuwaiti citizens forms part of their social benefits.

Working in Bashaer al Hanan medical center can be both a rewarding and adventurous career. Kuwait is a small but a very oil-rich country.  As oil rich nation, its citizens which is just a little short of 4 million has a generous social welfare system that ensures employment, housing, education, and medical care.  Working in Kuwait is not much like being away from home because a great majority of its labor force is composed of foreign workers from nearby Middle Eastern countries to as far as the Philippines.

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