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Amisola Maternity Hospital

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The Amisola Maternity Hospital is private hospital that specializes caring for women while they are pregnant and during childbirth as well as for the care for newborn infants. Amisola hospital is named after the family patriarch and most of the specialist doctors in its roster are affiliated either by blood or by law.

As a specialist hospital, the Amisola Maternity Hospital provides a special hospital setting whose ambiance and atmosphere as well as type of serve are more suitable and accommodating to women of different birth experiences. It provides traditional hospital births in a labor room or delivery room that is manage by a doctor. With the advancement of technology, labouring women can choose painless delivery. However, some women prefer to feel the pains of birth to really experience the drama of being a mother. The hospital is equipped with special modern facilities that are mostly exclusively in a maternity hospital such as electronic monitoring of the baby. It also provides a comprehensive plan that incorporates all the preferences of the labouring mother within the prescribed parameters however of the attending physician. The hospital also offers family-centered care which included birthing suites.

As a maternity hospital, the Amisola Hospital uniquely provides a caring environment, with warm, relaxing colors, designs and features that simulates a home-like ambiance to help mothers to be more comfortable. Part of its service included providing childbirth and prenatal education classes especially designed for first time parents to be.

Among the facilities in Amisola Maternity hospital included an Antepartum Unit, Breastfeeding and Inpatient Lactation Services, baby nurturing room, Maternity Unit Visitors, Well Baby Nursery among others. The hospital has a range of service packages and rooms/ suites in order to accommodate mothers to be with different budgets. A typical normal delivery would cost from P10,000 to P35,000 while Caesarian delivery would cost between P28,000 to P84,000.

Amisola Maternity Hospital is located at 1068 Hermosa St,, Manuguit, Tondo, Manila, Philippines telephone nos. 241-6842; 09228654257.

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