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Al Hada Hospital Saudi

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The Al Hada Hospital is a medical center with a 368 bed capacity that opened in 1980 which provides modern, acute care for Saudi citizens. It provides extensive medical and nursing services including open-heart surgery and kidney transplant. Al Hada hospital is also known to have the most advance state of the art facilities and equipment in renal medicine, general intensive care and coronary care, obstetrics & gynaecology, neonatal intensive care, paediatrics; orthopaedics and various medical and surgical specialities. Ancillary services include comprehensive laboratory therapy, physical therapy and pharmacy.

Part of the Al Hada Hospital is the Rehabilitation Centre which was also opened in 1980. It provides restorative and rehabilitative care including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupation therapy, social services, psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, orthotics & prosthetics, plastic surgery and independent living training for disabled patients such as those who have spinal and brain injuries, CVS, rheumatic diseases, lighter body and limb injuries, convalescents after operations, psychosomatic syndromes and patients with lesions of the cervical column.

The Al-Hada Hospital has several Outpatient Clinics including mobile clinics that provide pilgrims with medical services during haji season. It has operating rooms that specializes in neurosurgery, cardio-thoracic, vascular, ophthalmology, ENT, dental, maxillo-facial surgery, urology, orthopaedics, paediatric, gynaecology, and plastic/burns surgery.

The Al-Hada Hospital also offers critical & ambulatory care for critical care patients and those with complex medical conditions such as those suffering from multiple trauma, neurosurgical; complex, abdominal, surgical patients among others. A specializes Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit is provided for patients who underwent heart surgery. The hospital’s medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) is equipped to provide coronary care to patients with all types of cardiac problems including congenital heart problems, myocardial infractions, arrhythmia’s and post cardiac surgery. The outpatient clinic (OPD) area consists of a total of 10 clinics, 8 on one floor and 2 decentralised units in other areas of the hospital.

The labour and delivery area is frequently the busiest unit in the hospital. It also has neonatal intensive care units and Paediatric. In line with its religious and cultural traditions, the hospital maintains separate female medical and male medical beds. Ancillary Services provided by the hospital included Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, laboratory and Dental Services.

Al Hada Hospital is located at Taif, Saudi Arabia 21944 with telephone +966 2 754 1610.

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