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Adventist Hospital Cebu

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Adventist Hospital Cebu is a general health and mental institution established in 1956 that is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Protestant Christian religion which evolved from the movement of William Miller in the mid 19th century known for its observance of Saturday,as the Sabbath day or the seventh day of the week during which people should devote their time for attending religious celebration for praising God like in a mass. It religion also laid emphasis on the forthcoming second coming or Advent of Jesus Christ which is also the final judgment.

Adventist Hospital Cebu is also known as the H.W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital (HWMMSH) in honor of Dr. H.W. Miller Memorial, a distinguished doctor and missionary who was a key figure in the Adventist movement for the expansion of the religion in Asia. As a sanitarium, HWMMSH provides long term medical facility for mentally impaired patients. As a hospital institution, it provides general medical services such as Anesthesiology, -Chaplaincy, Colonoscopy, Dietary and nutrition, EENT (Ears eyes nose throat), Emergency Care, Endoscopy, Family Medicine, General Surgery and Gynecology, among others. The hospital has a capacity of 60 beds.

The Adventist Hospital in Cebu forms part of chain of hospitals that the Seventh Day Adventist church operates. There are also Adventist Hospital located in Manila and Puerto Princesa in Palawan. There are more Adventist hospital across the globe including in the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. The institutionalization of healthcare facilities had formed an inherent component of the expansion of the Adventist religion. Seventh-day Adventist missionaries spread the news of the gospel while simultaneously conducting medical mission in the particular areas in which they are conducting their missions.

The Adventist Hospital in Cebu is located at 400 Tres de Abril Street San Nicolas 6000 Cebu City Philippines with telephone nos. 63 (32) 262-2100 (Depts); 261-2114 (Pres); 261-2111 (Business).

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    hoping all hospital will give all nurses to have their chance to work as volunteer nurse,because if you give them chance to have their training your giving hope to those nurses that they really want to have their experience not based by schools where they graduate,or not about the backer,plz give chance to volunteers,you might know that,that nurses could help their family for the opportunity that you’ve given to them specially to those family that their really striving hard just to let their daughter or son finished their study for the reason that this nurses will give light to their family.hospital you are the bridge for their dreams let it happen.

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