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Royal Longevity Clinic Makati

Royal Longevity Clinic Inc. is a specialty clinic that provides highly specialized health and wellness services that promote longevity and better life. Royal Longevity Clinic also provides beauty, stress medicine and healthcare products of the highest quality in order to allow people to live longer and more productive and more meaningful lives of service.

Among the primary specialized services that Royal Longevity Clinic offers included bio-identical hormone therapies. Also known as Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), natural hormone therapy, for short, is a therapeutic procedure that involves the replacement of hormones in order to attain the ideal levels of hormone that allows the body to stay young, active and strong. This also applies to gay men wanting to look more female. The hormones are essentially diagnosed through blood and saliva testing. The bio-identical hormone therapies included estrone, estradiol, progesterone testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone.

Another specialty service that is currently in demand is adult autologous stem cell banking transplant or more popularly known as stem cell therapy. This means that the transplantation of cells to organs, tissues is taken from the cells of the same patient. A xenotransplantation involves the use of cell from other species e.g. animals while an allotransplantation involves the use of cells from other individual or donors. This procedure requires no general anesthesia and take only around four hours.

Finally, the Royal Longevity Clinic also offers preventive genetic diagnostics. This diagnosis is use to evaluate and diagnose rare genetic disorders in order to prevent them from occurring. This helps patients prevent the occurrence of inherited diseases such as such cancers and other genetic syndromes.
The Royal Longevity Clinic is composed of highly specialized health experts who maintain professional standards in healthcare management. It provides excellent service and continuously upgrades its skills to abreast its people with the latest trends in providing quality healthcare that provide patients longevity, Anti-Aging therapies as well as aesthetic services.

The Physician at Royal Longevity Clinic is located at the 7th Floor, Spain Room, Ascott Hotel Ayala Center Makati City 1224. Contact numbers are Tel: (02) 755 8858.

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