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Nurselearn is a nurse-owned company that grew out of the experience of a seasoned staff development nurse who spent several years working in small hospitals, large tertiary care teaching hospitals and county and State healthcare facilities. Many of these institutions, especially small and rural agencies, struggle to provide a wide variety of educational experiences and expert nursing consultation due to budget issues. Nurselearn’s goal is to assist the busy staff development nurse with reasonably priced education tools to supplement in-house teaching efforts. All educational tools are designed to help reduce class preparation time, offer creative teaching alternatives and move lessons out of the classroom and into the care area. Nurselearn also strives to provide learning opportunities for the nurse-educator, especially those new to the role, when in-house support to prepare for the teaching role is not readily available. Self-study CD’s available for “Making Learning Fun” and “Needs Assessments”, and their “Nursing Word Games” CD and free online training “Adding Pizzazz To Your Classroom Presentation” are all designed with the new educator in mind.
Location: NurseLearn is a division of Diversified Healthcare Consulting PO Box 844, Mustang, OK 73064 Phone:405.745.2908

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