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Nightingale Agency Makati

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The Nightingale Agency in Makati actually refers to the Nightingale Nursing Services, Inc., a Nursing Registry founded in 2004 dedicated to providing healthcare institutions and private clients with nursing care of the optimal quality and reliability. The company’s name was derived from Florence Nightingale, a British social reformer and statistician considered as the founder of modern nursing, for her central role of the healthcare of the soldiers during the Crimean War. The company was appropriate named after Nightingale as it is owned and operated by nurses who personally understand the central importance of quality, compassion and trust in patient care. In providing care, the company equally provides comfort and peace of mind for patients and their loved ones in their most vulnerable moments in the lives.

The services of Nightingale Nursing Services, Inc (Nightingale Agency) are provided 24/7 including holidays because nursing care is not bound by time. It has a pool of well-trained, experienced and competent Registered Nurses, Underboard Nurses, Midwives and Caregivers for the immediate needs of individual patients for private care as well as institutional clients such as hospitals and clinics. Its pool of healthcare professionals undergo continuing education to abreast themselves in the process, procedures, approaches and methodologies in nursing and medical trends to a continually deliver top notch healthcare services.

Among the services of Nightingale Nursing Services, Inc (Nightingale Agency) included the supply or provision of Private Duty Nurses, Nurse Auxiliaries (under board nurses), Midwives and Caregivers. It provides Home Care Services for the chronically ill, the elderly, and the terminally ill and recuperating patients. It helps in Administration of treatment and nursing procedures such as Injections; IV Infusion, Insertion/termination of IV fluids, Nebulization, Wound dressing, Insertion/removal of Foley catheter, Bed bath, Tracheostomy, gastrostomy, colostomy, ileostomy care, Post postpartum and newborn care and Assistance with activities of daily living. It also provides Assistance in home care set-up and provides Medical Equipment Rental and Aclasta Infusion.

The Nightingale Nursing Services, Inc (Nightingale Agency) is located at Unit 604 State Condominium 1, 186 Salcedo St. Legazpi Village Makati City, Metro Manila 1200 Philippines telephone 632.813.1401, fax: 632.812.0721.

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