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Mabuhaii Nursing Home

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Mabuhaii Nursing Home is a nursing home facility for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It uniquely provides the natural and inherent care and attention that the Filipino caregiver and healthcare providers willingly gives to patients, which in the eyes of others would suffice as world class personalized service. Caring the Filipino way, Mabuhaii Nursing Home distincts itself in providing care to a mother or father that only Filipinos as “natural born caregivers”, can consistently give.

Mabuhaii Nursing Home dedicates itself in serving its frail aged patients suffering from Alzheimer and dementia by providing a safe, comfortable, and relaxing home for them more than simply a nursing attention. Its philosophy is to preserve excellent and quality service by developing awareness in response to this sickness. It aims in giving humanity, professional care integrated with the warmth and affection of a human being. Patients in the homecare will definitely feel comfortable or at home and attain true freedom that can satisfy their desires. As part of its commitment for caring, Mabuhaii Nursing Home also caters the destitute elderly. It offers round the clock intensive and skilled nursing provided by its committed staff, doctors, psychologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

A home under the palm trees, Mabuhaii Nursing Home provides the activities for the patients such as Physical exercises (Physiotherapy, Thai Chi, and Chi Gong), Vast walks, Massages, Card games or board games, karaoke singing, internet surfing, TV watching, music listening, handicraft making, game playing and other fun activities. Every detached home is equipped with tropical design furnished single rooms, bath, kitchen, dining room and living room, therapy room, terrace and tropical garden. Guest rooms on the other hand are furnished with bedside table, armchair, air-condition, connection for TV and phone, shower, among others.

The Mabuhaii Nursing Home is located in the Iloilo Bridge, Dakbanwa Sang Iloilo in the Island of Panay Philippines with telephone 033) 337 0889.

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