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Hizon Laboratories Philippines

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Hizon Laboratory Inc. (HLI) is the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the Philippines founded over 50 years ago by Don Primo K. Hizon, professor of chemistry who devoted his time research in finding pharmaceutical cures for different diseases. Today, the company continued to develop, innovate and introduce new medical products for the health and well being of the people.

The simply yet profound mission of Hizon Laboratory Inc. is save lives and improve the quality of life of people by providing effective, reliable and safe healthcare products. It also envisions on continuously widening its quality medicines and services at affordable prices, nurture people’s skills and well being and to maintain its strong leadership in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hizon Laboratory Inc. manufactures prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, food supplements and cosmetic products. This included Liquids (Suspension, Syrup, Nebulizing Solution, Nasal Spray and Mouthwash), Multivitamins, Antipyretic, Analgesic, Antacid, CNS Stimulants, Bottled beverage and Antiseptic. For tablets, this included core, film, sugar, Enteric-coated and Sustained release. Hard Gelatin Capsule Products included Multivitamins, Anti-inflammatory, CNS Stimulant, Antibiotic products and Nutraceuticals/Dietary Supplements, Soft Gelatin Capsule, Dry Granules / Powder for Suspension, Creams, Ointments, Lotions / Shampoos, Parenteral Products in ampules, carpules and vials.

Finally, the company also offers high quality packaging including liquid filling with pilfer proof caps, child resistant, strip, blister packaging, packaging with in-line barcoding check, sachet filling (liquid, lotion, granules, powder), tea bagging, capsule / tablet filling in bottles, labeling of blister strip / box / bottle and promotional materials assembly and packaging. The company is partnered with cGMP compliant systems and equipped with a broad array of high tech equipment and instruments for the perpetual development of new formulations

Hizon Laboratory Inc. (HLI) is located at Assumption Road, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City 1870 Philippines Fax No.: (632) 697-5937.

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