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Grepcor Diamonde

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Grepcor Diamonde is the representative company of the biggest Diagnostics Company in the world, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.  Grepcor acts as the principal importer and exclusive distributor of Siemens products in the Philippnes.  These products are considered as market leader and the benchmark to which all other diagnostic products are gauged. Siemens offers a wide collection of customized diagnostics solutions that better facilitate diagnosis, examination and administration of disease. Its products and services tender the proper equilibrium of science and technology in virtually across the gamut of healthcare concerns to assist healthcare experts with the crucial data they require delivering better health service and more tailored healthcare to all people.

Products and solutions of Siemens/ Grepcor Diamonde can aptly be classified into 4 broad categories namely: Core Laboratory, Diagnostics IT, Point of Care and Molecular Diagnostics. Core lab pertains to range of solutions designed to simplify and rationalize workflow, improve operational competence, and sustain better patient results. This included Automation of laboratory processes, Integrated Systems or the integration of lab and workstations, Immunoassay Systems, Hemostasis, Hematology and Plasma Protein Systems among others. Diagnostics IT are IT solutions for analyzing and managing diseases including decision support system, remote monitoring and e commerce. Point of Care solutions directly pertains to patient management systems. For instance, the RAPID Systems for blood gas analysis, the Stratus CS Acute Care Diagnostic System cardiac care, the DCA Vantage System better for diabetes and the CLINITEK and MULTISTIX for Urinalysis. The Molecular Diagnostics are solutions for early detection of major infectious diseases such as HIV. Finally, there are also refurbished instruments to suit the requirements of hospital institutions on tighter budgets.

Grepcor Diamonde is located in Unit 2605 The Orient Square F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center. It also has an outpost office in 14A 3rd St. Barangay Mariana New Manila Quezon City. For the inquiries about Siemens products and solutions, one may call Telephone no. 4107646


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