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Euromed Laboratories Philippines

The leading Manufacturer of High Quality Intravenous Fluids in the Philippines, Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc. was founded in 1988 and had been engaged in the manufacture of large volume parenterals, specialty solutions and irrigating solutions. As a leader in the industry, Euro-Med pioneered the use of modern European blow-fill-seal technology of aseptically producing sterile and pyrogen-free intravenous fluids in plastic containers in the Philippines. As a leader in innovation, it was the first to introduce small volume parenterals in multiple-dose plastic vials with a convenient twist-off closure.

Euromed Philippines also maintains an extensive nationwide marketing and distribution network to ensure that it’s much needed hospital and pharmaceutical products reach all ends of the country while maintaining the philosophy of making high quality products at affordable prices. Euro-Med also provides contract packaging services for food, cosmetics, and healthcare products and is continuously engaged in research and development of new pharmaceutical products for ophthalmic, inhalation, irrigation, and other healthcare purposes.

Among the major products of Euromed Laboratories are IV fluids in glass containers such as Dextrose in water, NACL and Lactated Ringer’s Solution, Sodium Chloride, Multi-Ion MB in D5 Water Multisol-M in D5 Water, Plan, in dextrose, with high potassium and Metrinox. For special fluids, it manufactured Intrapersol with 1.5% Dextrose, Peritoneal Dialysis Solution, Mannitol Injection, Sterile Water for Injection, Aminopro with different levels of Amino Acid, Crystalline, Dextran in NACL, dextrose and D5W. For tablets and syrups, the company produces ACET-MS (Paracetamol), METRINOX (Metronidazole), ACET-MS syrup, APHRENIL suspension, COFLES (Dextromethorphan), COLIMOX, EURO-CID (antacid), HIVENT and MUCOSOF (Guaifenesin). Other Euromed consumer products included Bacticide (antiseptic, feminine wash, cleansing solution, gargle and vaginal solution), Chlorhexidine Gluconate, BEVIDA (Distilled and purified Drinking Water).

The main office of Euromed Laboratories is located at the 2nd Floor, PPL Bldg., UN Avenue corner San Marcelino St.,Manila, PhilippinesTel: (632) 524-0091 to 98 Fax: (632) 526-0977.

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